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“A mix of downtown and uptown Jamaica“
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Gatwick Arpt 15 Nov 2019 To 10 Dec 2019 £213 Book now
Heathrow 01 Apr 2019 To 30 Apr 2019 £268 Book now
Gatwick Arpt 01 Mar 2019 To 31 Mar 2019 £270 Book now
Heathrow 01 May 2019 To 31 May 2019 £280 Book now
Heathrow 11 Sep 2019 To 15 Oct 2019 £296 Book now
Heathrow 12 Oct 2019 To 03 Nov 2019 £310 Book now
Heathrow 01 Jun 2019 To 30 Jun 2019 £339 Book now
Heathrow 18 Aug 2019 To 10 Sep 2019 £351 Book now
Heathrow 01 Jul 2019 To 21 Jul 2019 £358 Book now
Gatwick Arpt 21 Jul 2019 To 18 Aug 2019 £375 Book now

Looking to book flights to Kingston? Did you know that Kingston in Jamaica is squeezed between the Blue Mountains and the world’s seventh largest natural harbour that never fails to impress you with its quaint quite surroundings and hustle bustle of the city?

The city has already been called ‘the Creative City of Music’ by UNESCO in 2015. The city has been a major source of inspiration to many Jamaican artists, musicians, writers and athletes despite the tough environs.

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Flights to Kingston
Flights to Kingston
Flights to Kingston
Flights to Kingston

Cheap Direct Flights to Kingston

At FlightsPro.co.uk, we always recommend our flyers to book cheap direct flights to Kingston. And, our long list of regular clientele proves that with us, you do not compromise on the quality even if you are getting the cheap flights to Kingston.

We do complimentary online check-in, take your meal requests & even assign the seats of our choice. Note: Few airlines charge a fee for allocating a seat.

You can always choose between British Airways direct flights to Delta-Virgin Atlantic who have code share fly via Miami, New York & Atlanta and American Airlines which also have via flights from America.

If you are looking for a direct connection and still looking for the cheapest flights to Kingston then, British Airways is the only option. Our travel experts promise to help you find the best cheapest flights to Kingston.

How to get to Kingston

Nearest Airport

Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston is the nearest airport and 5.5 miles away from the city centre. It is a major airport that caters to both international and domestic flights. Flight to Kingston from the UK takes around 16 Hours plus the layover time at the respective city.

Top Experiences in Kingston

Once you have booked your cheap flight tickets to Kingston, go through these top experiences in Kingston that are surely not to be missed:

Go Hiking in the Blue Mountains:

The Blue Mountain National Park is one of the most picturesque escapes for anyone looking to enjoy some basking in nature’s untouched beauty. If you happen to be there on one of the clear days, then you will be lucky ones to see the southern coast of Cuba.

Take a Boat Ride to Lime Cay

There is no denying to the fact that Jamaica is surrounded by the warmest and the clearest water of the Caribbean Sea, but you won’t find many locals going here apart from the weekends. This place is located off the coast of the mainland – serene, quiet and white sandy beaches.

Attend a Dancehall Street Party

It is a never-ending nightlife scene in Kingston. Ask any local and you will be able to attend one of the most happening parties ever.

Discover City of Port Royal

Did you know that Port Royal is famous for being pirate and shipping capital of the Caribbean? The remnants of pirates, Admirals, and battles still remain and canons still keep watch at Fort Charles.

Jamaican Bacchanal

If you are looking to party hard then, the best time to go there is between February and April where the carnival season is in full swing.

Visit the Bob Marley Museum

We don’t think Bob Marley needs no introduction. The museum is located at the musician’s old house and showcases his incredible journey of life and being a national hero.

Visit the National Gallery of Jamaica

The National Gallery of Jamaica is the largest and oldest public art gallery in the English-speaking Caribbean. The library was started in 1974 and showcased modern, contemporary, and early art from Jamaica, the Caribbean, and other countries in the surrounding regions.

What to eat Kingston

Strawberry Hill Hotel, Restaurant, Bar & Spa for breakfast and Sunday brunches.

Scotchie’s for Jerk chicken, pork and fish under a thatched Cabana.

Tea Tree Creperie for its French cuisine and Tiramisu.

689 Brian Lumley for Italian, seafood, and Jamaican cuisine.

Popular Hotels in Kingston

FlightsPro.co.uk believes that “When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.”

That is why we have always focused on providing the best hotel options. When you are in Kingston, we would suggest you stay at Courtleigh Hotel, Hilltop Kingston, Reggae Hostel, Terra Nova All Suite Hotel or Grand Port Royal Hotel.

For if you have been planning Kingston Holiday, book them for cheap with us and we promise that we will get you the best price without compromising on the quality & services.

For accurate and best cheap hotel & cheap flights into Kingston, get in touch with FlightsPro.co.uk travel experts.

FlightsPro recommends

Month-wise guide to Climate in Kingston

“Always take the weather with you.” The weather in Kingston is always good and anytime is the best time to visit Kingston. While Kingston, like the rest of Jamaica, is known for its tropical climate along with year-round hot and humid weather.

December to April

It is the dry season in Kingston and probably the best time to visit Kingston. The weather during this season is essentially warm and balmy with short spells of rainfall.

May to December

These are the months of wet seasons. People can still visit Kingston because it is relatively drier than the rest of Jamaica. And, chances are that you will get a cheap holiday deal or a cheap flight deal too.

We always have informed our customers that the best bargains on Flights to Kingston are not always available online and most of the times, one might not be able to book the published fare.

At FlightsPro.co.uk, we equip our customers with the proficient travel experts over the phone that will be able to find the best bet. Find Cheap Flights to Kingston with Flightspro.co.uk. Call our toll-free lines on 0800 048 8880 and speak to our Kingston travel experts.



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Be it you travelling with family, your partner or solo, nothing could be more satisfying than someone talking to you in person about planning your unique tour. We will help you select the best itinerary by each destination, including their cost and length. Browse through our handpicked tour packages from all over the world
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