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I am a traveller, pet lover, and have 6 fur babies. As a responsible parent of these beautiful friends for life, I need to find that perfect balance where it is possible for me to book flights for my pet along with myself. I love going on vacation or even travelling to see my extended family and friends with them.

So, for me – a travel agent has always been up to my rescue be it any time of the year – if I am looking to book flights for my pets. For they are not only equipped with the best price of an airline ticket for me and my pet but also ensure that they are reaching safely. Plus saving money on such flights and holidays is an added bonus.

I book flights for my pets for a long time with FlightsPro, it’s been such a beautiful journey. And, who could be the best to tell you that travelling with pets is safe and easy when you book flights for your pet with the best travel agents.

However, sharing some of the useful tips if and when you decide to book flights and holidays for you and your pets:

Avoid Booking Online

Although I will always advise you to book flights for your pet with a travel agent. But, if you still choose to book it online yourself, always contact the airlines if there is room for your pet on the cargo or the cabin of that flight.

The only reliable and confirmed way of knowing exactly whether your pet will be travelling with you in the cabin or in the hold is when you book through a reservation agent.

In addition, the added advantage is that you can get hold of your travel agent on a direct call in case of any special or last-minute requests. No waiting in line.

Avoid Flying Connecting Flights

Make sure that you are most of the time flying direct. And if there is no direct flight, ask your travel agent to keep the layovers to 2 for about a maximum of two hours.

All this, I have learned to book through the best travel agents like FlightsPro who have always guided me in every way possible. Why I am asking you to avoid connecting or changing airlines is that you will have to claim and recheck your pet every time.

How to Save More

If it’s at all possible, try the alternate airports. When I book flights for my pet, often travel agents have advised me to book an alternate airport and it has always been a little easier and cheaper that way. You can also book car rentals and ride into the city.

Book in Advance

This should have been the first piece of advice especially when it comes to travelling with pets, but better late than never. Make sure you have planned and booked everything in advance. When I book flights for my pet, I prefer at least 2 months prior to my travelling time.

Why? We have a separate section for you which is on how to make sure your pet is comfortable while travelling. In addition, you will be saving a great deal of money when your travel agent will make sure to go while booking your airline tickets, hotel and car rental.

Recommended Timings

And, this is all coming from booking 100s of those flights with my expert travel agents in the UK. Getting to share some of the gems with you is an added benefit.

Take the early morning, dinner time or the red-eye flights for this is the time when your flights tend to be way cheaper than your normal daytime flights.

Avoid Business Traffic

If you are flying domestic, avoid Mondays and Fridays for this is when the business traffic is the heaviest.

Join the Mailing List

Make sure you are on the mailing list of your travel agents, for this is where they can keep you updated with all the special fares.

Fly offseason

These rules especially apply to people travelling with pets. If possible, avoid major holidays and fly offseason. For this is why your baggage handlers are relatively free and can give more attention to our pets and their needs.

Airline travel with your pet is not at all challenging if you have a travel agent with you to take care of your travel requirements. And, these are the ones who can help you save money next time you are booking your tickets.

How to book flights for my pet?

Get in touch with the best travel agents in London, the UK with us over the phone at +44 20 8396 7200 or email at info@flightspro.co.uk. You can also book home/office appointments to discuss your pet travel requirements.

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    Where can I book cheap flights for my pet and myself?

    You can book cheap flights directly over the phone with the best travel agents in the UK at +44 20 8396 7200 or email at info@flightspro.co.uk.

    Is it safe for my pet to be travelling during COVID?

    Yes, with careful planning and expert insights from your travel agents, it can be equally fun and absolutely safe to travel with your pets during the COVID. Make sure to consult your vet and keep a close eye on the itinerary.

    Will my pet travel in the cargo or the cabin?

    Depending on the airline policies, which you can check at +44 20 8396 7200, the airline especially post COVID will mostly be flying in the cargo. It’s worth calling up and directly talking your airline reservations agent about what is possible.

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