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FlightsPro is one of the best Business Travel Agents in London, UK.

We are helping corporates and small business owners move across the world at the most affordable rates. Our business travel managers & company understand the requirements of a frequently traveling business executive, attached company policies, and the business travel cost management.

Hence, we respect your time, money & can surely manage your expectations.

We have a dedicated & highly experienced team of business travel agents that cater to the demand of business travellers to book business class flights.

Also, our years of expertise in handling business travel for corporates and many SMEs from the UK make us unique. And, this has made us highly reliable and cost-friendly when it comes to making business travel bookings.

Making Business Travel Easy

Our main goal is to become an extension of you. To understand the needs of your businesses and care for both your people and your budget. We have private worldwide Business Travel fares for the SME segment providing an edge and flexibility which is passed & shared with our clients.

Each of the business clients we handle has a dedicated manager who has experience in managing business traveller’s expectations, giving you the benefit of familiarity. This not only develops a sense of familiarity and personal touch but also confidence & efficiency in handling requests.

As a back up we also have 24 x 7 emergency support should you need us even at 2 AM your or our local time.

Some of our business travellers do travel to some hostile places, we have logistics based on employee tracking & also can also help to arrange local security.

Our Business Travel Agents are proficient in handling every business travel product and service.

We take flights as most essential & set the tone of your travel but we have a very good relationship with major hotel chains and local destination companies who are very reliable, safe and highly efficient.

So, all your travel requirements are managed in one place – we assure exceeding your expectations & guarantee through very experienced business travel agents & managers.

We treat every customer important but have really excelled in managing the SME businesses with the highest standard of care.

Why Choose FlightsPro as your go-to Business Travel Agents?

Business travel agents are the best choice when it comes to catering to your business travel needs. Like recreational getaways, business travel is complex and requires special assistance if you are not looking to save more and not go above your budget.

Our leading travel ethos is a blend of technology and human interaction – we support our clients’ business travel arrangements by utilising our experienced in-house team and cutting-edge travel technology. This adaptable and flexible approach meets all of a corporate traveller’s requirements – while also providing the affirmation of experienced and professional managers on the other end of the phone.

Here are the top reasons as to why you should choose FlightsPro for all your business travel needs.

We Understand

We understand business travel needs because we specialize in catering to special services that are required for any business travel like car transfers, cheap business flights, centrally located hotels, the need to be on time.

So, whilst you take care of your business, we arrange your travel hassle-free.

Business Travel Agents

Our Business Travel Agents are all based in all across London, UK. We are available to have our resource work from your facility or office too.

We work very closely with PA’s and business travellers direct but also available to work locally if need arises.

All you would Need

We have all you need for a streamlined journey, from booking schedules to personal traveller profiles.

Airlines Contracts

Book on highly discounted business trade rates & yet flexible. Book British Airways Business Class flights, Emirates Business Class flights, or Virgin Atlantic Business Class flights. We will guarantee our rates will be cheaper than booking long-haul flights directly with the airlines.

Not only that you get our first-class travel agents services alongside should you need us any time.

Compare our rates with our Business Travel Agents & compare with British Airways here.

Prioritize Locations

We know that you need to find a hotel that is centrally located to wherever you want to be for the meeting – be it any part of the world. Therefore, our specialty business travel managers take care of the proximity to certain business venues, which significantly cuts down on the travel time within a city.

Hotel Facilities for business conferences

We have been arranging travel for large and small business conferences for 16 plus years now and trust us, we very well know what you might require for your business travel.

Our business travel specialists have first-hand knowledge of facilities available at the hotel, quality, reliability, and sustainability. So, there is no dearth of valuable knowledge.

Special Discounts & Offers

As a valued business customer, we roll our sizeable discounts and free upgrades on your year-round travel arrangements. You should see what our other business clients have to say about the services we offer.

Business Budget Accounting Services

Apart from making the travel arrangements for your flights, hotels, and conferences, we also provide business accounting services that take care of your real-time updates on allocated budgets, travel itineraries, and how you can plan your year-round business travel.

Any problem that occurs, you know you have support in hand.


After travelling to the airport, after security check, after immigration queues & after that long day toiling after work if you get to fly with a lie flat bed & best drinks on board – It does go long way.

Check Emirates comfort & business class features here. Check for Virgin Atlantic business class flight features here.

A great addition to your team

We are not just any travel agents but actually can prove a great addition to your business team to find the best value deals. It’s almost like getting a free expert on ways to save money on travel and increase your value.

Flexible Change Policies

We understand that your business travel needs might change last minute. So, we have experts keeping track of travel practices and policies with the major airlines and hotels worldwide.

This ensures that you can make any last-minute changes and addition at no extra cost. Please check with your business travel manager for specific information.

Employee Tracking & safety

We can also offer employee tracking & a safety net. Places that may not be deemed safe to travel or against the foreign office’s advice can be travelled with little more caution & assurance with our Business Travel Agents.

Climate Conscious

We assist your business in becoming more financially viable by emphasising efficient and environmentally sustainable initiatives, thereby contributing to the planet’s preservation and sending a strong corporate statement.


Considering cost when selecting a travel management company will assist you in providing more cost-effective travel for your business and increasing the return on investment from business trips.


Our primary concern is always the safety of travellers. By providing flexible travel options, hygiene care, and comfort – we have happy travellers that always make good travellers. 

Our Services to Corporate Travel 

We are big enough to handle large multinationals and small enough to understand the needs of smaller businesses to travel. All your travel requirements are managed in one place. Some of the services that we provide are:


We know how to very well manage and find your Business Class flights deals from the UK. We understand how air travel can be the single biggest expense and that is why businesses choose our travel agency services over others anytime.


We understand the need for a well-rested business traveller. And, we make sure you find the best hotels at cheap rates

Car Hire

Have multiple locations to visit in any city or even in London or the UK? We have the best of the cheap car rental options for you and your businesses.

Business Travel Agents with Private Jets or Charter Flights

Chartering a private jet or a helicopter is worthwhile for the top people in your business. Find the cheapest rate options with our Business Travel Agents who are tied with sough after Private Jet Charter Consolidators.

Chauffeur Services

Taking your business executives from Point A to B last minute is what we do in comfort and style. Our Business Travel Agents are tied with the very robust & tested group handlers.

Why Business Travel Agents are More Important than ever?

If you want to carry out business travel safely following the pandemic, it’s more critical than ever to rely on an expert agent. Safety will play a significant role in the offerings of every business travel management company over the next few years. While it’s difficult to predict how corporate travel will look in the future, it’s crucial to acknowledge that leading travel companies are getting up-to-date information from across the industry and ensure that everything they do adheres to current safety regulations.

Speak to our Experts today 

When it comes to business travel management, your organisation requires a partner who will walk alongside you throughout the process. From policy development and reservation to travel and return, it is more critical than ever to have the data and knowledge necessary to make rational decisions about your travel expenditure – and to make travel management as cost effective as possible! 

At Flightspro.co.uk, we strive to provide complete transparency from beginning to end, assisting you with all aspects of your travel planning. Our group of business travel management experts is always available to assist you, alleviating the stress associated with internal business travel operations and ensuring your people travel with confidence. 

We take pride in our personal touches. While businesses today seek the very best in purchasing power, which is typically associated with large, bureaucratic travel corporations, we understand they also require personal service, experience, and creativity in order to provide corporate travel management that fulfils their business objectives and prioritises their people. 

For an independent business travel management firm with years of experience serving clients worldwide, we deliver both significant cost savings and exceptional personal service.

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Book Business Travel with our Private Fares.

Book with our experienced Business Travel Agents & Managers with no tied up contracts

Call 0208 396 7200

Why Book your Business Travel with us
  • Best savings guaranteed on your Business Travel
  • Experienced Business Travel Agents
  • Special SME Business Travel airlines deals
  • Passport & Visa support
  • Pro Loyalty Scheme on leisure travel
  • FHR Business Travel rates
  • Complimentary check-in service, airport porter & pre-booked seats & meals
  • Pre-arranged airport lounge & airport transfers
  • ATOL protected & airlines failure insured
100% Backed Business Travel Service :

We have dedicated Business Travel Agents or account managers, 24 x 7 Emergency Support & optional Employee Tracking service.

Attention to Detail

Tied with every international airlines & most regional airlines, hotels & experienced local logistic companies unlocking bigger discounts & still keeping Business comfort in mind.

Enquire Now

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    How should I set up a Business travel account?

    When you set up a business travel account, it easily manages your travel expenses for all last-minute travels, individual travel, and even large group travel.

    You get a centrally billed account that provides you maximum control over your business travel expenses and also saves time & money. This in return increases booking business travel efficiency and accuracy.

    Set up your business travel agent account with our travel agency in London, UK on 0208 396 6417 for all your corporate travel and SME travel needs.

    How can I save money for my Business Travel?

    You can save maximum money on your business travel by booking through a travel agent.

    When you have a fixed travel agent that looks after all your travels, what happens is that you have a single point of contact that manages all the travel for your company

    Hence the travel company will ensure to provide you lowest cost for your business class flights, hotels, car rentals, airport transfers and also on business group bookings.

    Can I use my business travel miles for my personal travel?

    In most cases, you should be able to use business travel miles for your personal travel. However, it is important to check your contract and then connect with your business travel agent on your individual company policy.

    Now you know why it is important to book business travel with a travel agent.

    Once you have got the green signal, you can use those loyalty points for your personal travel. So, if you are looking for a business travel agent, call 0208 396 7200

    What are the benefits of booking Business Travel with a travel agent?

    A good travel agency for your business travel will always ensure quality customer service, a superior amount of access to all the information you need to have for any flight or trip, access to discounts, and free upgrades that are simply not available online or to an average flier.

    With years of experience in the travel field, you will have access to inside information on business destinations that can save you potentially thousands of pounds.

    In case of any emergency like flight delays, cancelations, there is always 24×7 support. You will have first-hand and prior information with reliable alternatives.

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    Travel Aware

    Stay safe whilst you travel :
    For the latest foreign travel advice visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
    See the latest on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response and travel information

    Disclaimer : We are not an airline but provide most of the negotiated airlines deals which more often than not are cheaper than booking direct with the airlines. We are in true essence a travel agent who save your valuable time & efforts and arrange your travel arrangements as per your needs and in your budget.
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