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Need help in flying with your pet or advice on the various airline policies regarding pet travel? Call us – your pet-friendly travel agents in the UK! On just a single call, get connected to the experts and know how much it would actually cost and how to travel stress-free with your pet.

Remember there is no obligation free quote service that we provide. Book once you are completely satisfied with the itinerary, cost and the information.

Airline travel for pets is as safe as it is for humans, if done through the right informed travel agent. Provided all the health checks are done prior to your travel, your pet is good to travel in the flight with you. At FlightsPro, we completely understand that your pet is an important member of the family and we are here to support you with every little travel requirement before, during and after your journey. Now, when it comes to choosing an airline for your pet, it requires experience. Even when choosing a pet-friendly destination for you, it requires expertise. our more than 10 years’ experience in book pet travel to worldwide destinations becomes vital.

Pet-friendly Airlines in the UK

Before we go into the details of pet travel, let’s look at the most pet-friendly airlines in the UK:

  1. British airways
  2. Qantas
  3. Emirates
  4. Air New Zealand
  5. Lufthansa
  6. Singapore Airlines
  7. Thai Airways
  8. Royal Brunei Airlines
  9. Singaporean Airline
  10. United Airlines

Do airlines allow pet travel in the cabin?

The main 3 airlines that allow your pet to travel in the cabin are KLM, Lufthansa and TUI. But the only thing is that your pet should weigh less than 8 kgs provided you have put in a special request through your travel agent. The size of the pet should be enough to fit under the seat in front of the owner. You need to carry a soft cotton bag and see that the pet remains in the bag throughout your journey.

Otherwise, every other pet-friendly airline provides spacious pet travel in the cargo hold. Don’t worry. The space for the individual pet is equal to that of a first-class sleeper seat and the environment is strictly controlled, pressurised and air-conditioned.

Which flight should you book – Direct or Indirect?

As a pet-friendly travel agent, we will always advise you to book a direct flight option. However, even if you book an indirect flight if need be, just make sure that you are not changing the airline. Our travel agents will make sure that it is taken care of while booking a flight for your pets.

In case your airline has a stopover especially in long haul flights, we will make sure that the airline has the highest standards of safety. This way, your pet will have a chance to come out of their travel kennel, relieve themselves and stretch their legs. The airports like Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt have one of the finest transit pet lounges.

Some pets do better when just getting the journey over and done with, there are no hard and fast rules, so we prefer to talk to you about the behaviour and confidence of your pet and make those kinds of decisions together with the owners who know them best.

Check-in at the Airport

Make sure you are arriving 4 hours prior to your departure if you are travelling with pets. So, let’s say if you have your flight with the British Airways from London Heathrow Airport to Seattle at 9:35 am; so make sure you get in latest by 05:35 am. This will give you an added advantage of going in early and get done with the arrival clearance procedures within normal working hours.

Health Checks

Dogs, cats or ferrets being flown out or into the UK require a pet passport and must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

Airline Fees

Fees and required pet-carrier size depend on the animal. So, please make sure that you are getting in touch with your travel agent before you book the flight for your pet.

We are here to help

With a vast experience in International pet travel, we give you the right help and guidance that can be vital to ensuring your pet has a safe and smooth journey. Please contact us at +44 20 8396 7200 or email at info@flightspro.co.uk for any help and advice you need on pet travel. We are always happy to help. We have all the knowledge and skills needed to ensure your pet travels to the destination with the least amount of stress possible.

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    Which airlines allow pet travel in the cabin?

    KLM, Lufthansa and TUI allow pet travel in the cabin provided the pet weighs less than 8 kgs and can fit under the seat in front of the owner. Only the registered assistance dogs can travel in the cabin in the rest of the airlines.

    Which airline is the best for pet travel?

    British Airways & Delta Airlines are one of the top recommendations when it comes to booking an airline for pet travel.

    How do I book an airline ticket for my pet?

    Please contact reservations desk at +44 20 8396 7200 or email at info@flightspro.co.uk at least 48 hours prior to your departure date. Complete a checklist with your travel agent and then you are good to go.

    Can pets travel for free on the plane?

    Only in case of service animals, but otherwise, it is always that you pay a nominal fee that depends on the airline and the size of your pet. Please contact +44 20 8396 7200 for specific airline fees according to your travel requirements. We provide a free quote for your pet travel.

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    Disclaimer : We are not an airline but provide most of the negotiated airlines deals which more often than not are cheaper than booking direct with the airlines. We are in true essence a travel agent who save your valuable time & efforts and arrange your travel arrangements as per your needs and in your budget.
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