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Best Budget Airlines in the UK

The season has started all over them world and we all know that you are planning your holidays. Like the best travel agents in London, we always advise our customers to book with low-cost top budget airlines in the UK.

Trust us that when you travel, the major chunk of your expenses is your travelling cost. That is why we always make sure that you spend the minimum on your flights and maximum on your hotel, activities, meals and shopping. Majorly things that you had always wanted or planned for your ideal vacation.

Nowadays, it is possible to even more because we have the best budget airlines from the UK that get to your favourite destination for as low as £20. Holiday sales have started and you are ought to receive huge discounts. That is the leverage that you get when you book with one of the best travel agents.

Watch this video to know more, why you need to book with a travel agent.

We will tell you all the important information about some of the Top Budget Airlines UK that you need to know so that you can make your choice.

1. Ryanair Flights

Ryanair flights is one of the top budget airlines from the UK that is preferred by people going on a Europe Holiday. Book Ryanair flights for as low as £30.

If you are looking for budget flights then book Ryanair flights because they have the cheap flights available to all the major destinations in Europe. We book Ryanair flights for all our Europe Holiday Package deals. The best part is that Ryanair flights are available from the following airports in the UK: Aberdeen, Belfast International, Birmingham, & Bournemouth. Bristol, Cardiff, Derry, East Midlands, Edinburgh, & Glasgow. Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle and Newquay Cornwall. Isn’t it great?

Fleet Size: 300 Aircraft

Destinations Covered: 220 year-round destinations in Europe and Morocco

Headquarter: London Stansted

Ryanair Baggage Allowance: Since it is a low-cost airline, we recommend you talk to our Ryanair flights experts to get the accurate baggage information on your Ryanair flight bookings.

2. EasyJet Flights

Another Top Budget Airlines UK is easyJet flight and it is one of the most preferred low-cost flight among frequent flyers. Also, you can board easyJet flights from London Luton, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Inverness, Glasgow, Birmingham Airport, Bournemouth, Manchester Airport, London Southend Airport, Newcastle, Liverpool and Southampton. Isn’t that great that you can fly from all the major airports, plus you get cheap flights. Plan your Europe holiday today.

Fleet Size: 200+ Aircraft

Destinations Covered: 125 year-round destinations

Headquarter: London Luton

EasyJet Baggage Allowance: Since EasyJet flights is a low-cost airline, we recommend you talk to our easyJet flights’ experts to get the accurate baggage information on your easyJet flight bookings.

3. Jet2 Flights

Being the 4th largest airline in the UK, jet2 is known for its punctuality and cheap flights. Jet2 flights leave from nine airports in the UK namely, Belfast; Birmingham; East Midlands; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds Bradford; London Stansted, Newcastle and Manchester.  Jet2 is definitely one of the top budget airline UK when it comes to booking cheap flights.

Fleet Size: 75 Aircraft

Destinations Covered: 50 year-round destinations

Headquarter: Leeds Bradford

Jet2 Baggage Allowance: Jet2 gives 22kg baggage allowance but we will still advice you to talk to one of the jet2 flight experts and know your exact allowance

Flybe Flights

This is another top budget airline in the UK, a British low-cost airline that is based in Exeter. Amongst the low-cost carriers, Flybe is the most preferred choice of airline when it comes to flying to any destination in Europe. You will be amazed to know that you can fly cheap to 15 plus countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland to name a few.

Fleet Size: 70 Aircraft

Destinations Covered: 210 year-round destinations

Headquarter: Exeter

Flybe Baggage Allowance: Flybe allows 1 handbag measuring not more than 55 x 35 x 20cm including the wheels and handles. Charges for hold luggage may vary.

5. Vueling Flights

Vueling is a low-cost airline, that is one of the best budget airlines that flies from the UK. The airline offers services like free seat selection, instant boarding passes unlimited date changes (you only pay for the fare change), same day flight change, priority boarding and fast track through security control in various airports since they have different ticket types too. You will be amazed to know that the airline flies from the major airports in the UK namely, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Fleet Size: 114 Aircraft

Destinations Covered:  100 destinations covering the main cities in Spain, Europe, North Africa and the Near East

Headquarter: Barcelona El Prat

Baggage Allowance: We would recommend that you contact our Vueling flight experts for more accurate information on baggage allowance based on your route and destination that you are flying to.

6. WizzAir UK Flights

If someone is looking for cheap flights from the UK, we definitely recommend book wizzair flights. Use FlightsPro, to book Wizz Air flights definitely, you will be able to find and find the lowest prices and most convenient Wizz Air flight times for your travel needs. Wizz Air flies from London Luton and London Gatwick to major destinations like Budapest, Sofia, Warsaw and Prague.

Fleet Size: 104 Aircraft

Destinations Covered: 70 year-round destinations in Europe.

Headquarter: Budapest

Wizzair Baggage Allowance: When you book Wizzair flights you get a carry on the bag not more than 42cmx32cmx25cm; plus you can carry a maximum of 6 checks in bag depending on your needs and space in the flight.

7. Norwegian Flights

Book cheap Norwegian flights from Belfast-International, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London-Gatwick, Newcastle, and Manchester if you are planning a city break to anywhere in Europe such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Croatia or the USA. It of the best budget airline from the UK.

Fleet Size: 55 Aircraft

Destinations Covered: 150 year-round destinations

Headquarter: Norway

Norwegian Airlines Baggage Allowance: Norwegian Airlines do allow one handbag for free of charge. And then depending on your destination and route, you can know your checked baggage allowance. We recommend you to connect with our flights’ sales experts for more information.

You can directly contact us on our toll-free lines 0208 396 7200. Talk to our destination experts. They can provide you with handy tips on what to look for, how to book and save more on your trip.

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Top budget airlines in the UK

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