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    About Emerald Faarufushi – Your Gateway to Paradise

    Imagine yourself in a brand-new, luxurious paradise where every moment is an indulgence, every memory is an adventure, and every detail has been painstakingly designed to beyond your wildest expectations. Enter Emerald Faarufushi, your ticket to a 5-star experience like no other.

    Emerald Faarufushi proudly stands as a member of the distinguished Leading Hotels of the World nestled in the lap of opulence and sophistication. You can relax in the lap of luxury here, surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, where we will grant every request.

    You may wonder what distinguishes us. Let us explain. At Emerald Faarufushi, we reinterpret what it means to be “ultra-premium all-inclusive.” Imagine having your seaplane transportation to and from our paradise interwoven into your vacation, making your time here as luxury as your trip there.

    Our beautiful coral reefs are bursting with life and invite you to snorkel amidst spectacular marine life if you’re looking for adventure beneath the clear waves. We offer something to enthral any underwater adventurer, whether you’re setting out on your first snorkelling expedition or you’re an experienced aficionado.

    Emerald Faarufushi is more than just a place to go; it’s a unique experience. Do you envision a blissful honeymoon? Imagine exchanging tender words while stargazing in the Maldives. Considering a family vacation? Your loved ones can choose from a variety of family-friendly attractions and activities. Want to unwind and revitalise yourself? Your worries will vanish in our luxurious spa.

    Therefore, Emerald Faarufushi welcomes you with open arms whether you’re a honeymooner seeking delightful closeness, a family yearning for magical moments, or a luxury connoisseur seeking the ultimate indulgence. In this place, where each moment is a treasure and each encounter a masterpiece, your journey to the extraordinary begins.

    Dive into a world of grandeur, luxury, and adventure. Emerald Faarufushi is your gateway to paradise!

    Special offers

    Ultra Premium All Inclusive Emerald Faarufushi Package Includes:
    • Return flights
    • Accommodation
    • Scrumptious eating options
    • Snorkelling
    • Special Upgrades
    • Sea plane transfers
    • Internet Access
    • Guided Excursions

    The cherry on top is now here. Because we think everyone should have access to luxury, we take pride in providing the best and most affordable prices on the market. If it’s not enough to pique your interest, we also provide upgraded rooms that will make your stay even better.

    Contact our knowledgeable Maldives holiday consultants via our website, phone, or email. We are dedicated to customizing your travel experience to your preferences, delivering a smooth and memorable journey.

    Unveiling Paradise: Your Extraordinary Escape to the Maldives’ Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa

    The Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa is a refuge of incomparable luxury and natural beauty in the center of the Indian Ocean’s turquoise embrace. Prepare to go on a voyage that goes beyond a vacation and transports you to a world of sublime tranquillity, where the charm of the Maldives is brilliantly redefined.

    You’ll feel a sense of anticipation developing in the salty breeze as the seaplane elegantly touches down on the beautiful waters around the island. A choir of waves heralds your approach, telling tales of ancient coral reefs, hidden treasures, and limitless adventure. Warm grins and a refreshing welcome drink will greet you as you step onto the soft sand, setting the tone for the enchantment that awaits.

    Your retreat awaits, a symphony of modern luxury and Maldivian tradition – the Emerald Faarufushi rooms redefine extravagance. Your villa becomes your private retreat, a comfortable cocoon meant to blend in with the natural surroundings. Wake up to the soothing caress of the sun on the ocean, as the horizon transforms into a seamless palette of colors that defy imagination.

    Every event develops a tapestry of vivid memories. Consider a magnificent breakfast at the Aqua Restaurant, where culinary marvels are as limitless as the ocean beyond. Explore hidden treasures beneath the waters during guided snorkeling excursions, or navigate the calm tides in a kayak, feeling the rhythm of the sea beneath your paddle.

    For those seeking tranquility, the overwater Eclipse Bar provides front-row seats to the sun’s magnificent finale, which paints the sky with colors that words cannot describe. As night falls, the Beach Club Grill comes to life, presenting a symphony of sensations from around the world, each bite a monument to the art of gastronomy.

    But Emerald Faarufushi’s essence goes past the surface, into the center of happiness. The cutting-edge gym serves as your blank canvas for sculpting a new version of yourself, guided by expert trainers who ensure your journey is individualized and transformative. The Dolphin Kids Club is a universe of imagination and unlimited energy for the younger adventurers, where friendships are formed and memories are created.

    Then there are the dining experiences, with each location serving as a chapter in a sensory voyage. The Carnivorous Restaurant stokes your appetite with the heat of Brazilian barbecue, while Le Asiatique Restaurant & Teppanyaki Grill tells the story of Asian cuisines from the Orient. The Mediterraneo Restaurant invites you to an overwater symphony of Mediterranean pleasures, each bite serenading your senses.

    The genuine kindness of the employees makes Emerald Faarufushi an amazing sanctuary amidst all the opulence. Their passion exemplifies the Maldivian ethos, which is hospitable, honest, and welcoming.

    The Emerald Faarufushi experience weaves its enchantment around you as the days blend into starlit nights, etching moments into your heart that time can never steal. It’s a world where dreams become reality, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where the Maldives spirit invites you to discover paradise in all its grandeur.

    Emerald Faarufushi Deluxe All Inclusive Package Inclusions:
    • Return Flights
    • Accommodation
    • Complimentary soft drinks, beer, and water are available in your deluxe accommodation’s minibar.
    • Start your trip off right with a refreshing welcome drink upon your arrival at the resort.
    • Beach Towels, Sunbeds, and Umbrellas: Relax on the beautiful sands in comfort with beach towels, sunbeds, and umbrellas provided.
    • Internet Access: Use the complimentary Wi-Fi throughout your stay to stay connected.
    • Non-Motorized Water Sports: Take part in a variety of non-motorized water sports. Private classes are offered for an additional fee.
    • Snorkelling Gear: Explore the bright underwater world with the accompanying snorkelling equipment, which includes a mask, snorkel, and fins.
    • Guided Group Snorkelling: Weather permitting, join a guided group snorkelling adventure twice a week.
    • Excursions: Guided excursions allow you to discover the beauty of the Maldives. For stays of at least 7 nights, one excursion is complimentary, while two excursions are available for stays of at least 10 nights (subject to weather conditions).
    • Access to the Technogym Gym: Stay active and fit with tailored training plans and help at the cutting-edge Technogym gym.
    • Dolphin Kids Club: Let your children (ages 3 to 12) enjoy a variety of fascinating activities at the Dolphin Kids Club.
    • Padel and Tennis: Sports enthusiasts of all levels can enjoy complimentary padel and tennis during the day.
    Inclusions for Food and Beverage

    Restaurant Aqua:

    • The Aqua Restaurant at Emerald Faarufushi serves breakfast, lunch, and supper.
    • International food served at a buffet with a variety of cooking stations.
    • Soft drinks, wine, beer, juices, water, tea, and cocktails are available.
    • Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.; lunch is served from 12:30 p.m. to 15:00 p.m.; and dinner is served from 19:30 p.m. to 22:30 pm

    Grill at the Beach:

    • Lunch is available at the Beach Club Grill (reservations are necessary).
    • Seafood, meat, hamburgers, Asian cuisine, pizza, salads, and pasta are all available.
    • There are soft drinks, AI wine, beer, juices, water, tea, and cocktails available.
    • Timing: 12:30 p.m. – 15:00 p.m.

    The Eclipse Bar:

    • Sunset views from the overwater bar at Emerald Faarufushi.
    • Snacks, soft drinks, AI wine, cocktails, beer, juices, water, and coffee are available for purchase.
    • Timings: 18:30pm – 23:00pm

    Sunset Bar, Living Room, and Pool Area:

    • Snacks, soft drinks, AI wine, cocktails, beer, juices, water, and coffee are available all day.
    • Snacks are available from 11:00 a.m. until 18:30 p.m. 10:00 a.m. – 0:00 a.m.

    Restaurant Carnivorous:

    • Reservations are necessary for dinner at the Carnivorous Restaurant in Emerald Faarufushi.
    • Peruvian food and Brazilian “Churrasco style” BBQ.
    • There are numerous wine and beverage alternatives available.
    • Dinner is served from 19:30pm until 22:30pm.

    Restaurant Le Asiatique & Teppanyaki Grill:

    • Reservations are necessary for dinner at Asiatique Restaurant in Emerald Faarufushi.
    • Asian food fusion of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.
    • There are numerous wine and beverage alternatives available.
    • Dinner is served from 19:30 pm until 22:30 pm.

    Restaurant Mediterraneo:

    • Dinner at an overwater restaurant at Emerald Faarufushi (reservation necessary).
    • A la carte Mediterranean and seafood cuisine.
    • There are numerous wine and beverage alternatives available.
    • Dinner is served from 19:30 pm until 22:30 pm.

    FlightsPro’s The Emerald Faarufushi Ultra Premium All-Inclusive Package is the perfect tropical getaway. Book Emerald Faarufushi now to experience luxury, leisure, and adventure like you’ve never experienced before!

    How to get to Emerald Faarufushi Resort and Spa, Maldives from London

    The journey from London to Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa in the Maldives is an exciting one that includes a combination of flights and transfers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting to this tropical haven:

    Step 1: Fly from London to Malé in the Maldives.

    FlightsPro will make your flights to the Maldives from London to Malé, the Maldives’ capital city and home to Velana International Airport (MLE) are booked.

    There are several airlines that fly from London Heathrow (LHR) or London Gatwick (LGW) to Malé. trip times might vary, but the average nonstop trip time is 10-11 hours.

    Step 2: Fly to Faarufushi Island by seaplane or domestic flight.

    Our travel consultants will arrange a seaplane or domestic aircraft to go to Faarufushi Island from Malé.

    Although we recommend that you get there by seaplane transfers that give a beautiful touch to your journey by providing stunning views of the Maldives’ atolls and pristine waterways. The seaplane ride could last 30 to 45 minutes.

    While you can also look at domestic flight + speedboat. A domestic flight may be arranged in some situations to get you closer to Faarufushi Island, followed by a speedboat transfer. This alternative could entail a short domestic flight followed by a speedboat ride, with the full voyage lasting a few hours.

    Types of Villas at Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa Maldives

    Each room at Emerald Faarufushi is a masterpiece that flawlessly merges into the beautiful surroundings, with a minimalist and refined design that effortlessly melds stone and wood. As you enter these calm havens, the essence of serenity absorbs you. Accommodation options on this island paradise are a symphony of elegance, with each note tailored to perfection.

    Beach Villas

    With its open-air bathrooms and private patios, the Beach Villas at Emerald Faarufushi entice you to immerse yourself in the island’s rhythm. The covered hardwood deck provides a front-row seat to the hypnotic sea, while clean lines and muted wood tones create an aura of understated elegance.

    Beach Villas with Pool

    The Beach Villas with Pool are a path to absolute happiness for those seeking the symphony of waves at their doorstep. These villas, which stretch across the lagoon, invite you to dive into the turquoise depths or relax in the splendor of your individual infinity pool. Allow the view of the Indian Ocean to become your daily masterpiece.

    Family Beach Villas with Pool

    Families will discover a haven in the Family Beach Villas with Pool at Emerald Faarufushi, where memories will be woven among the sands and waves. A double bedroom awaits the kids, and a private plunge pool tempts everyone to limitless aquatic fun. Your playground is the beach, and the water is your paint.

    Water Villas with Pool

    The Water Villas with Pool take your experience to new heights by providing a choice between sunset and sunrise views. These mansions, perched above the water, redefine luxurious living.

    Superior Water Villa with Pool

    The Superior Water Villa with Pool at Emerald Faarufushi is a tribute to grandeur, with unique rooms that meld effortlessly with the embrace of the ocean. With a private pool and views that stretch to infinity, you’re set to capture breathtaking moments.

    Presidential Beach Villa

    The Presidential Beach Villa, a property at Emerald Faarufushi that symbolizes the pinnacle of grandeur, sits at the peak of this paradise. This property is a haven of privacy, situated where lush foliage meets smooth sands. Your private infinity pool reflects the vastness of the horizon, where sky and sea merge. As you relax in the lap of luxury, the sounds of the ocean serenade you.

    Book Emerald Faarufushi Ultra Premium All Inclusive Package with FlightsPro

    A trip to the lovely Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa in the Maldives is a dream realized with FlightsPro, your reliable partner in creating remarkable travel experiences. We take pride in crafting seamless, personalized vacations that resonate with your desires and aspirations as the top travel agents in London.

    When you book the Emerald Faarufushi ultra premium all inclusive package with FlightsPro, you are inviting yourself to experience paradise without concern. Our specialized crew is with you every step of the way, from booking flights and transportation to exploring the many wonders of this enchanting region. Your voyage from London to the Maldives will become a tapestry of cherished memories because to our thorough expertise and commitment to quality.

    Select FlightsPro to ensure that your trip to Emerald Faarufushi is nothing short of spectacular. Allow us to handle the details so you may enjoy the luxury, adventure, and leisure that await you. Your travel is our priority, and your perfect vacation is just a booking away with FlightsPro.

    Contact us at 0208 396 7200

    Email us – book@flightspro.co.uk

    For more travel inspirations and daily travel & more Maldives holiday packages, follow us on Facebook or Instagram


    Kids Club
    Swimming Pool
    Beachfront location


    Why should I book the Emerald Faarufushi Ultra Premium All Inclusive Package from London with FlightsPro?

    FlightsPro, the best travel agency in London, provides you with an amazing booking experience. Our knowledgeable staff assures a smooth journey from London to Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa Maldives. Make your dream Maldives holiday a reality by taking advantage of our comprehensive knowledge, customized service, and exceptional offers.

    How can I book the Emerald Faarufushi Ultra Premium All Inclusive Package with FlightsPro?

    FlightsPro’s professional team will handle every part of your booking. From arranging your flights to providing information about package features, transfers, and excursions, we make sure your trip is enjoyable and memorable. Contact us at 0208 396 7200 to discuss your travel preferences and to reserve your room.

    Can I dine at my favourite restaurants in this ultra premium all inclusive package?

    Yes, our ultra premium all inclusive Emerald Faarufushi package includes a range of dining options. Aqua Restaurant serves buffet-style meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Beach Club Grill serves delicious cuisine, and The Carnivorous Restaurant serves Brazilian barbeque. Le Asiatique Restaurant & Teppanyaki Grill serves Asian cuisine, and Mediterraneo Restaurant offers overwater dining.

    Do excursions come as part of the ultra premium all inclusive Emerald Faarufushi package?

    Yes, the ultra premium all inclusive Emerald Faarufushi package includes guided excursions to discover the Maldives’ natural splendour. For stays of at least 7 nights, one excursion is included, and for stays of at least 10 nights, two excursions are offered (subject to weather conditions). During your stay, the resort’s staff will provide more information on possible excursions.

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