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    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo Maldive From London Top Travel Agent
    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo Maldive From London Top Travel Agent
    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo Maldive From London Top Travel Agent

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    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, a resort in the centre of the Maldives, is home to a sizable lagoon that reaches as far as the eye can see. A diver’s paradise, its crystal-clear waters provide a sanctuary for aquatic life. The gorgeous coral reefs and astounding variety of aquatic life that inhabit this area will enthral you.

    Take advantage of an exclusive deal from FlightsPro to visit the Maldives like never before! Imagine having the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets right outside your villa for the entire day. The alluring South Malé Atoll’s OZEN LIFE Maadhoo makes it feasible. This resort, which is tucked away on a lovely north-south island, promises a utopia unlike any other.

    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo stands out for its flawless fusion of elegance and convenience. You won’t lose valuable time travelling to your island paradise because it is only a quick 45-minute drive from the airport. It’s the perfect location for families wishing to make lifelong memories.

    All Inclusive Bliss with FlightsPro

    FlightsPro, the top provider of Maldives vacations in the UK, is pleased to present an exceptional all-inclusive Maldives vacation package. You can have these benefits for just £310 per person, per night:

    • London Heathrow is the departure point for Virgin Atlantic flights.
    • opulent lodging in an OZEN LIFE Maadhoo villa with an east or west aspect.
    • Effortless airport transfers.

    However, there’s still more! We’re sweetening the bargain because we want to give you the most value for your money. Additionally, you will get a free upgrade to Full Board when you make a reservation via FlightsPro. It’s the ideal method to enjoy a range of gastronomic treats while you’re there.

    Get in touch with us right away to begin your Maldives adventure.

    Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to tour the Maldives in comfort. Our travel specialists are available to help you at every stage. To find out more about our deluxe Maldives vacation packages, give us a call at +44 20 8396 7200 or send us an email at holiday@flightspro.co.uk.

    Special offers

    Services & Facilities at OZONE LIFE Madhoo Maldives

    At OZEN LIFE MADHOO Maldives, experience a world of luxury and tranquilly where each moment is a tribute to the magnificence of nature and the lavishness of contemporary conveniences. This gorgeous resort, which is located right in the middle of the Maldives, offers a wide range of amenities that will make your stay very special.

    1. Beachfront and overwater villas

    A variety of luxurious overwater villas and tranquil beachside bungalows are available.
    Each property boasts breath-taking views of the turquoise ocean and is attractively decorated with modern furnishings.

    2. Restaurants

    With a variety of dining alternatives, experience a gourmet adventure unlike any other:

    • The first underwater restaurant is called M6M.
    • Traditions IndoCeylon is a blend of Sri Lankan and Indian flavours.
    • International cuisine is provided al fresco at The Palms.
    • Gourmet coffees and freshly baked goods are available at Joy of Living.

    3. Thrilling water sports

    • With free kayaks, windsurfing, and snorkelling gear, plunge into adventure.
    • With PADI-certified diving adventures and guided snorkelling tours, explore the abundant marine life.

    4. Wellness & Spa

    • At ELENA Spa & Wellness Complex, revitalise your body and mind.
    • In the midst of magnificent tropical gardens, take advantage of world-class treatments, yoga classes, and wellness programmes.

    5. Celestial Experiences

    • At the resort’s overwater observatory, experience stargazing like never before.
    • See the bioluminescent plankton in the nighttime waters for yourself.

    6. Ecological Luxury

    With programmes like coral regeneration and environmentally responsible practises, OZEN LIFE MADHOO is dedicated to environmental sustainability.

    7. Customised Events

    The concierge staff at the resort can design unique events, such as exclusive meals for two or unexpected parties.

    8. Adventure and Discovery

    • Take day trips to nearby islands where you can discover native culture and stunning beaches.
    • Take a romantic sunset cruise in a traditional Maldivian dhoni.

    9. OZEN Reserve

    • Enjoy the simplicity of an all-inclusive package, which includes meals, drinks, and a selection of activities, guaranteeing a worry-free getaway.

    10. Children’s and teen clubs

    Engage the young ones in enjoyable activities, games, and educational experiences to keep them occupied.

    A destination where you can get away from the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary, OZEN LIFE MADHOO Maldives is more than just a resort. Discover the splendour of the Maldives, a place where every day is an adventure and every moment is a treasured memory.

    Package Details at a Glance
    • Price: £310 per night
    • Airline: Virgin Atlantic
    • Departure Airports: Manchester International Airport
    • Price Includes: Flights, Accommodation, and Transfers

    Your dream Maldives vacation is just a phone call away. Contact FlightsPro today and let the adventure begin!

    How to get to OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, Maldives from London?

    Since the Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, getting there from London may need a number of flights and probably a boat transfer. The general steps to get there are as follows:

    Male in the Maldives to London:

    • Velana International Airport (MLE), located in Male, the country’s capital, is the principal international airport in the Maldives.
    • Booking a flight from London to Male is required. The majority of flights between London and Male make at least one stopover, usually in the Middle East or another significant international hub. Male is frequently served by airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, and British Airways.

    Male, Maldives, Arrival

    You must go through immigration and customs processes when you arrive at Velana International Airport.

    Maadhoo Island Transfer:

    OZEN LIFE On Maadhoo Island, which is part of the South Malé Atoll, is where you can find Maadhoo Maldives. You can either take a domestic flight or a speedboat shuttle to arrive to Maadhoo Island.

    Option 1: Fly domestically

    If you decide to fly domestically, you will have to take a quick domestic flight from Velana International Airport to the domestic airport on Maadhoo Island. The flight just takes a few minutes to complete.

    You’ll be driven to OZEN LIFE Maadhoo by a resort representative after landing at Maadhoo Island’s domestic airport.

    Option 2: Transfer by speedboat

    As an alternative, you can plan a speedboat transfer that will take you straight to Maadhoo Island from Velana International Airport. This scenic option could take 35 to 45 minutes, depending on the state of the sea.

    Having a Good Time at OZEN LIFE Maadhoo

    You may check in and start enjoying your stay at OZEN LIFE Maadhoo Maldives as soon as you arrive.

    Types of Rooms at OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, Maldives
    1. Earth Family Pool Suites – Designed for families, the Earth Family Pool Suites has a master bedroom with a king-sized bed, a separate sitting space with couch beds, and a private pool.
    2. Earth Villa: The Earth Villas have a private outdoor lap pool and direct beach access. They have a sun terrace, a large outside bathroom and a king-sized bed.
    3. Wind Villa: These accommodations have a sundeck with direct access to the blue lagoon and are located above it. Additionally, the bathrooms in these villas have a stand-alone bathtub and glass bottom flooring that let guests to see marine life below.
    4. Water Villa with Pool: Featuring a personal pool and easy access to the lagoon, these villas offer breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, a king-sized bed, and a bathroom with a stand-alone bathtub.
    5. Ocean Pool Suite: Situated on the island’s sunset side, the Ocean Pool Suites have a large bedroom, a separate living space, and a private pool. These rooms have stunning views of the setting sun.
    6. OZEN Water Suite: The most opulent lodging choice was the OZEN Water Suite, which have two bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a private overwater pool. Additionally, it offer easy access to the lagoon.
    7. Beach Villas: OZEN LIFE Maadhoo also provide beach villas, which are situated on the island’s fine sand beaches, in addition to overwater villas. These villas have a sun terrace and an own outdoor bathroom.
    About OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, Maldives

    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, Maldives, is a haven of incomparable luxury and natural splendour that is tucked away within the dazzling embrace of the Indian Ocean. As soon as you set foot on this picture-perfect island paradise, time seems to stand still and all of your senses are amplified.

    Imagine waking up to the soothing caress of a warm Maldivian wind, the hushed rustling of palm palms, and the enchanting chorus of tropical birds. A sight that defies description greets you as you open your eyes: an overwater villa suspended above the turquoise lagoon. Your own little haven features a glass floor panel that gives you a clear view of the fascinating aquatic environment below. You are a privileged spectator of nature’s aquatic ballet here, not merely a guest.

    As soon as you go outside onto your personal deck, the ethereal splendour of the Maldives envelops you. As far as the eye can view, the azure sky and the turquoise waters meld together. The horizon seems like a continuous line, a painting that the gods themselves have painted. Enjoying breakfast, a symphony of exotic fruits and freshly baked pastries, while taking in the scene in front of you, is your morning routine.

    OZEN LIFE Maadhoo’s constant dedication to enjoyment is its core value. You can enjoy a variety of eating options at the resort that will tantalise your taste buds and take you to gourmet paradise. You may eat at the underwater M6m restaurant while being surrounded by vivid coral reefs and a variety of colourful marine life. While the inventive wine-pairing meals at the underwater wine cellar alter the idea of a romantic evening, the flavours of the Maldivian Spice Kitchen transport you to the island’s rich culinary tradition.

    The Elena Spa and Wellness Complex calls you to end your sensory journey there. The serene environment is intended to revitalise the body and calm the soul. Imagine receiving a traditional Maldivian massage while basking in the dappled light that streams through the dense island vegetation. Feel your therapist’s expert hands at work.

    At OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, discovery and adventure are also on the menu. Explore vivid coral gardens, swim alongside imposing manta rays, or cruise on a traditional Maldivian dhoni to catch the sunset. Discover the natural splendours of the island.

    The island becomes a dreamy landscape when dusk falls. Orange and pink colours fill the sky, illuminating the lagoon with a brilliant glow. You find yourself enjoying a private beachfront meal while the stars shine like diamonds in the velvet sky, serenaded by the soft lapping of the waves and the cold sea wind.

    0208 396 7200


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    Kids Club
    Swimming Pool
    Beachfront location


    Where is OZEN LIFE Maadhoo in the Maldives, and what makes it different from the other holtels in the Maldives?

    The north-south oriented island of OZEN LIFE Maadhoo is situated in the South Malé Atoll of the Maldives. Since the resort is positioned so that you can enjoy stunning views of the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, providing an amazing natural spectacle, it is highly recommended for its excellent sunrises and sunsets.

    What is included in the all-inclusive luxury Maldives vacation package that FlightsPro is offering for OZEN LIFE Maadhoo, Maldives?

    The following is included in FlightsPro’s exclusive all-inclusive OZEN LIFE Madhoo Maldives holiday package: Flights of Virgin Atlantic connect London Heathrow with the Maldives, Accommodations at OZEN LIFE Maadhoo in a villa with an east or west facing. and airport transfers.

    What is the cost of the OZEN LIFE Maadhoo Maldives holiday package each night for each person?

    Answer: FlightsPro’s special all-inclusive OZEN LIFE Maadhoo Maldives holiday package is just £310 per night per person. Flights, lodging, and airport transportation are all included in this cost.

    Is there any additional offer available for this Maldives holiday package?

    Yes, there is an additional offer available. When you book this exclusive package with FlightsPro, you also get a Free Upgrade to Full Board, providing even more value for your money. For further information about this offer and other details of the Maldives Holiday packages, you can contact FlightsPro’s holiday experts at +44 20 8396 7200 or email them at holiday@flightspro.co.uk.

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