Pet-friendly airlines from UK & Book with the Best Travel Agents in London

Guide to travelling with your pets from the UK to Europe

Pet-friendly airlines from UK

Travelling with your pet is surely bit of a hassle when it comes to air travel. But that should not hamper your plans of travelling with your fur babies. The best travel agents understand your concern and we have gathered different policies of some of the most popular pet-friendly airlines. Remember, each and every airline has a different rule on your pet travel.

Pet-friendly airlines from UK

Like your favourite and the most popular airlines like Ryanair and easyJet allow pets at all, neither in the hold nor in the cabin. Only service animals are allowed only on selected flights. 

Whilst some allow the pets in the cabin, some in the hold others don’t allow them at all. If you are travelling to Europe with your pet, you need to keep a few things in mind too. From security, immigration, passport, microchipping to recent vaccination and treatments, everything has to be updated.

We will explain you everything. But first let us tell you pet-friendly airlines from the UK that you can book flight tickets with, and also if they will allow your pet in the cabin –  

1. British Airways 

When you book British Airways flights, they only allow your pet to travel in the cargo. And they charge a fee depending on the size of the animal. Only service dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with the owner free of charge. 

2. Virgin Atlantic

Unless you have an assistance dog, your pet can only travel in the hold. Again for the prices, they may vary according to the size of the animal. Check with your travel agent because you also get air miles under Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Paws scheme. 

3. KLM

This is one of the pet-friendly airlines that allow the pet to travel in the cabin if the weight of the pet doesn’t exceed 8 kgs. Otherwise, your pet can only travel in the hold and a maximum weight of 75 kgs is only allowed. 

4. Lufthansa

When you book Lufthansa flights from the UK, rest be assured that your small pet like a dog or cat that does not exceed 8 kgs, can travel with you in the cabin. 

5. Air France

On Air France flight tickets, you can travel with your pet in the cabin for a charge.

6. Vueling

Vueling Airlines is our favourite as it allows dogs, cats, turtle, fish, tortoises in the cabin. You will have to pay depending on their size.

7. TUI

For a pet-friendly travel from the UK, you can book TUI flight tickets for you can travel with your pet in the cabin if it weighs less than 6kg.

8. Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is again one of our favourites when it comes to travelling with your pets. A pet under 17 pounds is allowed to travel in the cabin. All the more, if in case you forgot your box, the airlines provide you with a pet-friendly disposable box that is allowed in the cabin for a minimal charge. Isn’t that amazing? 

Pet-friendly airlines from UK

Now, let us see if you are travelling to Europe with your pet, what all you need to keep in mind once you book your pets flight tickets;

  • Call your airline or better talk to best travel agent London in advance before your travel date because each and every airline has a different rule. 
  • Seek advice from a vet before boarding the flight. 
  • Most of the EU countries, you need to have a pet passport. 
  • Make sure you provide them with all the necessary information. Keep it handy.
  • Get your pet a micro-chipped collar. God forbid if your pet gets lost. Some of the EU countries, you need to have your pets micro-chipped. 
  • Get your pets vaccinated. Keep them updated like for rabies. 
  • Protect your animals of insects if they flying in the hold. A collar to protect your pet against ticks, mosquitoes and flies. You can also pack supplies of food so that your pet doesn’t go hungry if you flying long distance.

Keep a track of our blog space because we are going to tell you more about pet-friendly airports, pointers on how to prepare your pet for the journey to lessen discomfort for both of you and much more.

Pet-friendly airlines from UK

However, FlightsPro, the best travel agents London provide full assistance when it comes to book flights tickets plus your pet travel. Call our travel experts today to get any kind of assistance on pet-friendly travel and pet-friendly airlines from the UK. We love our fur babies too. 

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