The fact is travel agents  who send millions of passengers to London for their holidays do not give full details of all the London Airports. These airports that are situated in and around the city handle almost 70% of the UK’s flight travel.

London Heathrow, London Stansted, London Luton, London Gatwick, London Southend, London Oxford Airport – these airports all have the word London in their name but the matter of the fact is that they aren’t even located in the city of London. For example, one is nearly 80 miles away from the City of London and based on the southernmost tip of the country.

As a responsible travel agency in London, UK we have worked out a comprehensive list & a perfect guide to reach most London airports and there actual distances from the City of London.

Let’s look at each one of them:

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport

This is one of the major & busiest airports in London that is located around the finishing edge of West London. 

Since the busiest airport for the City of London its very-very well connected from the City of London and most London towns. It takes approximately 50 minutes to reach London Heathrow from Charing Cross. London Heathrow is connected with the underground network for Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue Line) and is connected. Approximately, more than 80 million passengers fly from the airport every year.

Click for more detailed information on London Heathrow Airport.

London City 

Airports in London

This airport serves its name right! London City Airport is located in Newham that serves more than 40 destinations across the UK, Europe and the USA. And, this airport is located just 9 miles away from Charing Cross and can be reached in under 25 minutes.

London Gatwick 

major airports in london

If you talk about the airport that serves not right to its name, then London Gatwick should be on top of its list. This airport is located between Crawley and Horley and located 28 miles from Charing Cross. However, it only takes 45 minutes to reach the centre of London from Gatwick.

London Stansted 

major airports in the uk

Stansted Airport is another airport that doesn’t live by its name. It’s located in Essex and takes around one hour and five minutes to reach the capital.

London Luton 

london luton airport

London Luton Airport is located around 35 miles away from Charing Cross. And, it is another airport that uses London in its name.

London Southend Airport

london airport

Southend Airport is around 42 miles away from Charing Cross. It takes about one hour and 25 minutes.

London Biggin Hill 

london airports

This is a small airport used by private airlines and usually for pilot training located in Biggin Hill, Bromley (South East London). This airport also has London in its name and is located around 17 miles away from Charing Cross. The quickest route to this airport takes about 55 minutes.

London Oxford Airport 

airports in london

This airport is located about 60 miles away from the capital and still got London in its name.

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London Airports - Guide to How Far all London Airports from City of London

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