Butterfly Beach Hotel, Barbados

£899per person
7 Nights

Butterfly Beach Hotel, Barbados Holidays

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    Butterfly Beach Hotel, Barbados

    Start on a journey of pure indulgence and tropical bliss with FlightsPro’s All-Inclusive Butterfly Beach Hotel Tour, whisking you away from the bustling streets of the UK to the sun-kissed shores of Barbados. FlightsPro’s carefully curated package promises not just a beach holiday but an unforgettable experience, where luxury meets the serene beauty of the Caribbean.

    Package Inclusions

    1. Flights with a Touch of Luxury: Your journey begins with premium flights from the UK to Barbados. Relax in style as you soar through the skies, enjoying personalized services, comfortable seating, and gourmet meals. Our goal is to ensure your vacation starts the moment you step on the plane.
    2. Exclusive Butterfly Beach Hotel Stay: Arrive at the Butterfly Beach Hotel, your haven of tranquility in Barbados. Nestled along the coastline, this charming hotel welcomes you with open arms and breathtaking ocean views. Indulge in the comfort of well-appointed rooms, each designed to provide a seamless blend of Caribbean charm and modern luxury.
    3. All-Inclusive Culinary Delights: Savor the flavours of Barbados with our all-inclusive dining experience. Immerse yourself in a culinary journey featuring delectable local dishes and international cuisines. From beachside grills to fine dining restaurants, every meal is a celebration of taste and freshness.
    4. Private Island Exploration: Get on an exclusive private island tour, where azure waters and pristine beaches await. Engage in water activities, unwind under swaying palm trees, and relish a gourmet picnic crafted just for you. This secluded paradise is a slice of Caribbean heaven reserved for our guests.
    5. VIP Sunset Catamaran Cruise: Set sail on a VIP sunset catamaran cruise along Barbados’ west coast. Marvel at the vibrant hues of the Caribbean sunset, indulge in premium cocktails and relish a gourmet dinner under the stars. This intimate cruise offers a perfect blend of luxury and romance.
    6. Baggage Bliss: Embrace travel ease with our inclusive package offering 1 check-in bag and 1 hand baggage, ensuring a hassle-free journey.
    7. Savings to Savor – 30% Off at Butterfly Beach: Revel in opulence on a budget with an exclusive 30% discount, making your stay at Butterfly Beach Resort, Barbados, even more delightful.
    8. Deposit Dreams – Secure Your Spot at Butterfly Beach: Kickstart your dream vacation with a low deposit, starting from just £99 per person at Butterfly Beach Resort in Barbados.
    9. Booking Bliss – 2024 & 2025 Extravaganza at Butterfly Beach: Plan your escape with our special booking sale for 2024 and 2025 at Butterfly Beach Resort, guaranteeing the best deals for your chosen dates.
    10. Free Airport Transfers at Butterfly Beach: Experience a regal welcome with complimentary airport transfers, whisking you away to Butterfly Beach Resort in Barbados with style and convenience.
    11. Personalized Island Excursions: Tailor your adventure with personalized island excursions. Whether it’s exploring the depths of Harrison’s Cave, wandering through historic Bridgetown, or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters, our concierge service ensures your preferences are met.
    12. Spa Indulgence at Butterfly Wellness: Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa experience at Butterfly Wellness, the hotel’s exclusive spa facility. Let skilled therapists transport you to a realm of relaxation with personalized treatments inspired by the soothing elements of Barbados.
    13. Evening Entertainment and Cultural Shows: Embrace the vibrant culture of Barbados through nightly entertainment and cultural shows. From lively music performances to traditional dance, every evening promises an immersive experience into the heart of the island.

    Book Now and Unleash the Caribbean Magic

    FlightsPro‘s All-Inclusive Butterfly Beach Hotel Tour is not just a vacation; it’s an extraordinary journey designed to exceed your expectations. Join us in creating memories that linger like the gentle ocean breeze. Book now and let the allure of Barbados unfold before you – a Caribbean paradise like no other awaits.

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    Contact Us : 0208 396 7200

    WhatsApp : +447845526010

    Email Us : book@flightspro.co.uk

    Your holiday is ATOL-protected, ensuring peace of mind as you start on this enchanting adventure.

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    Day 1: Arrival and Welcome to Paradise

    • Morning: Arrive in Barbados, greeted by the warm Caribbean sun. Transfer to Butterfly Beach Hotel and check-in. Begin your journey with a welcome drink, letting the tropical vibes set the tone for your vacation.
    • Afternoon: After settling in, explore the hotel’s amenities and the nearby beach. Enjoy a relaxed afternoon, taking in the breathtaking ocean views.
    • Evening: Indulge in a delicious dinner at the hotel’s beachfront restaurant, savoring your first taste of Barbadian cuisine.

    Day 2: Island Discovery – Bridgetown and Beach Time

    • Morning: After a leisurely breakfast, embark on a guided tour of Bridgetown, the capital city. Explore historic sites, bustling markets, and vibrant street art.
    • Afternoon: Head back to the hotel for a delightful lunch. Spend the afternoon lounging on Butterfly Beach or taking a dip in the turquoise waters.
    • Evening: Enjoy an evening of local entertainment and Caribbean-inspired cocktails at a beachside bar.

    Day 3: Underwater Wonders – Snorkelling Excursion

    • Morning: Gear up for a thrilling snorkelling adventure. Explore colourful coral reefs and swim alongside vibrant marine life.
    • Afternoon: Return to the hotel for a leisurely lunch. Spend the afternoon at your own pace, either lounging by the pool or exploring nearby attractions.
    • Evening: Dine at a seaside restaurant, relishing fresh seafood with the sound of waves as your backdrop.

    Day 4: Cultural Immersion – Rum Distillery and Oistins Fish Fry

    • Morning: Start on a tour of the Mount Gay Rum Distillery. Learn about the island’s rich rum-making history and sample some of the finest spirits.
    • Afternoon: Return to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon. Take a dip in the pool or enjoy a siesta on the beach.
    • Evening: Head to Oistins Fish Fry for an authentic Barbadian experience. Feast on fresh seafood, mingle with locals, and enjoy live music.

    Day 5: Natural Wonders – Welchman Hall Gully and Harrison’s Cave

    • Morning: Explore the lush Welchman Hall Gully on a guided nature hike. Encounter exotic plants and native wildlife.
    • Afternoon: Enjoy a picnic lunch amid the natural beauty of the gully. Afterward, head to Harrison’s Cave for a fascinating underground tour.
    • Evening: Return to the hotel for a well-deserved dinner. Reflect on the day’s adventures under the starlit Caribbean sky.

    Day 6: Sunset Romance – Catamaran Cruise

    • Morning: Enjoy a leisurely morning by the beach or the pool. Treat yourself to a spa session or simply soak in the sun.
    • Afternoon: Get ready for a VIP sunset catamaran cruise. Sail along the coast, snorkel in turquoise waters, and relish a gourmet dinner as the sun dips below the horizon.
    • Evening: Return to the hotel for a romantic evening. Cap off the night with a moonlit stroll along the beach.

    Day 7: Farewell Barbados – Spa Indulgence and Departure

    • Morning: Start your last day with a rejuvenating spa session at Butterfly Wellness. Enjoy personalized treatments and unwind in the tranquil spa atmosphere.
    • Afternoon: After a leisurely lunch, spend your final hours in Barbados savoring the beauty of Butterfly Beach. Capture some last-minute memories.
    • Evening: Bid farewell to the island paradise as you transfer to the airport for your return flight to the UK. Carry the warmth of Barbados in your heart as you fly back home.

    This 7-day itinerary is crafted to offer a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and cultural immersion during your stay at the All-Inclusive Butterfly Beach Hotel in Barbados.

    Things to do near Butterfly Beach Hotel, Barbados

    Nestled along the stunning shores of Barbados, our hotel offers not only a comfortable stay but also convenient access to a myriad of exciting activities. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, explore natural wonders, and indulge in thrilling adventures. Here’s a guide to the top things to do near Butterfly Beach Hotel:

    1. Soak Up the Sun at Butterfly Beach: Start your day by basking in the sun on the pristine shores of Butterfly Beach. With its soft sands and crystal-clear waters, this beach provides the ideal setting for a leisurely day of sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing.
    2. Oistins Fish Fry: For an authentic Barbadian experience, head to the nearby Oistins Fish Fry. Every Friday night, this lively event features local vendors offering freshly caught seafood, delicious Barbadian dishes, and vibrant entertainment. Immerse yourself in the island’s culture through food, music, and dance.
    3. Snorkeling Adventure: Dive into the turquoise waters surrounding Barbados and explore the vibrant marine life with a snorkeling adventure. Local operators offer guided tours to stunning coral reefs and underwater gardens, providing a unique glimpse into the island’s aquatic wonders.
    4. Explore St. Lawrence Gap: A short drive from Butterfly Beach Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap is a bustling area known for its nightlife, restaurants, and shops. Indulge in delectable local cuisine, enjoy live music, and browse through the colorful shops for souvenirs and handmade crafts.
    5. Harrison’s Cave Excursion: Discover the island’s geological wonders with a visit to Harrison’s Cave, a mesmerizing underground cave system. Take a tram tour through the caverns adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, creating a surreal and enchanting experience.
    6. Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour: Uncover the rich history of Barbados’ most famous export – rum. Embark on a tour of the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, where you’ll learn about the distillation process and enjoy tastings of their award-winning spirits.
    7. Nature Hike in Welchman Hall Gully: For nature enthusiasts, Welchman Hall Gully offers a peaceful escape. Take a guided hike through this tropical forest reserve, where you’ll encounter lush vegetation, exotic flora, and even glimpses of wildlife.
    8. Visit the Barbados Museum and Historical Society: Immerse yourself in Barbadian history and culture by visiting the Barbados Museum. Housed in a former military prison, the museum showcases artifacts, exhibits, and displays that tell the story of the island’s past.
    9. Catamaran Cruise: Embark on a catamaran cruise along the west coast of Barbados. Whether it’s a daytime sailing adventure or a romantic sunset cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel, swim with sea turtles, and enjoy the breathtaking coastal views.
    10. Relax by the Pool at Butterfly Beach Hotel: After a day of exploration, unwind by our hotel’s inviting pool. Sip on a tropical cocktail, enjoy the ocean breeze, and reflect on the unforgettable experiences you’ve had near Butterfly Beach.

    Your stay at Butterfly Beach Hotel is not just a vacation – it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Barbados. From beachside relaxation to cultural excursions, the possibilities are endless. Book your stay now and embark on a Caribbean adventure like no other.

    More About Your Butterfly Beach Hotel, Barbados Holiday

    1. Visa Information:

    • For UK citizens, no visa is required for stays up to 6 months in Barbados.
    • Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity beyond your planned departure date.
    • Check visa requirements if you plan to extend your stay or engage in specific activities.

    2. Weather in Barbados:

    • Barbados enjoys a tropical climate with consistent temperatures ranging from 24°C to 30°C (75°F to 86°F).
    • The dry season, from December to April, is the most popular time to visit, offering sunny days and lower humidity.
    • May to November is the rainy season, characterized by short, intense showers. It’s also the period when the island is lush and green.

    3. Travel Insurance:

    • Consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost belongings.
    • Confirm that your insurance includes coverage for activities you plan to engage in, such as water sports or excursions.

    4. Health Precautions:

    • No specific vaccinations are required for entry into Barbados, but it’s advisable to be up-to-date on routine vaccinations.
    • Pack any necessary prescription medications and a basic first-aid kit.

    5. Currency and Payments:

    • The official currency is the Barbadian Dollar (BBD), but the US Dollar is widely accepted.
    • Inform your bank of your travel dates to avoid any issues with credit or debit card transactions.

    6. Local Customs and Etiquette:

    • Barbados is known for its friendly locals. Greet people with a smile and engage in the warm hospitality of the island.
    • Respect the local culture and customs, especially when visiting religious sites or attending traditional events.

    7. Safety Tips:

    • Barbados is generally considered safe for tourists. Exercise standard safety precautions, such as safeguarding valuables and avoiding poorly lit areas at night.
    • Be cautious of strong currents when swimming in the ocean and adhere to lifeguard warnings.

    8. Language:

    • English is the official language in Barbados, making communication easy for English speakers.

    As you book your FlightsPro’s All-Inclusive Butterfly Beach Hotel tour, these additional tips and information will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience in the beautiful and vibrant destination of Barbados.

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