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19th June 2019by FlightsPro Team0

Based on our customer’s choice and travel trends that we saw in the year 2018, we have selected the top 20 Best Places to visit in Europe. From Paris, Milan to  Athens, Budapest, Lisbon & Amsterdam, we have included the best of the lot.

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Let’s discover your favourite places to go in Europe:

1. Paris

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”, Paris has always been on top of the list of best places to go in Europe. Discover the iconic architecture, glorious food, art treasures, and stylish shopping on the streets of Paris. You immediately fall in love with the Parisian culture.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

2. Rome

This is Italy’s Capital and rated as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Discover a mix of haunting ruins, otherworldly art and vibrant street life of the city of Rome. And, remember “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

3. France

The 2019 year trend says that visit France for the outdoor action. Plan a 7 Night trip with us and explore northern France’s cliffs, the sand dunes, the crystal blue sea of the French Riviera and Corsica’s oak forests. The great outdoors is thrilling and adventurous. Try something different this time!

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

4. Amsterdam

Love cruises? Ever explored the historic canals of Amsterdam? Discover the canals lined with tilting gabled buildings are the backdrop for Amsterdam’s treasure-packed museums, vintage-filled shops and hyper-creative design, drinking and dining scenes.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

5. Santorini

Also, called the supermodel of the Greek Islands by Lonely Planet, Santorini is easily the most recognisable face on the planet. From the multi-coloured cliffs, its dazzling panorama, to the romantic sunsets and volcanic sand beaches, the island is full of eye-dazzling sceneries.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

6. Portugal

If you are longing for beaches and a city-scape, then Portugal boasts of medieval castles, cobblestone villages, and golden beaches.



7. Croatia

Thinking of visiting a dazzling island lined with the ancient walls, then Croatia is your place to be.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

8. Switzerland

9. Prague

For history that goes a millennium back over the best beer in the whole of Europe, book your flights to Prague

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

10. Athens

Discover Athens Holiday as the heady mix of history, culture and contemporary arts. That is Athens in Greece for you all.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

11. Vienna

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

12. Slovakia

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

13. Greece

All we want to say is that Greece is one of the best places to visit in Europe. From the ancient ruins that reach the blue skies; endless coastline; a culture that is passionate of music, cuisine and thrill-seeking activities, Greece is all that you can ask for.

Best place to visit in Europe


14. Turkey

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

15. Italy

If you are looking to get inspired this holiday, book your flights to a multi-city tour in Italy. Yes, you are talking about the home to some of the best art, architecture and gastronomy.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

16. Amalfi Coast

This is Italy’s most memorable romantic sport that boasts your not-so-typical Mediterranean landscape that has also been recognised by the UNESCO.

Amalfi Coast Holiday

17. Canary Islands

You are up for an exciting holiday if you book a Canary Islands Holiday. You have your scented pine forests, volcanoes, landscapes that are awe-inspiring, sandy coves where you can disappear off the crowds, Sahara-style dunes – Canary islands is on every traveller’s bucket list.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

18. Dublin

For a mix of heritage, small cityscape and hedonism that will make for a perfect short weekend getaway.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

19. Lisbon

20 Best Places to Visit in Europew

20. Barcelona

Gaudi’s city, Barcelona inspires travellers from different parts of the world. With the perfect weather throughout the year, this city serves everything flawlessly.

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe


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20 Best Places to Visit in Europe

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