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10 Signs You Are A Travel Addict

What Makes You One?

We have all been bitten by travel bug somewhere. This bug leaves a sweet taste, joyous memories and limitless experiences. Smitten by it? Signs you are a travel addict.

Signs you are a travel addict

I have this thing where I wake up in the morning and start looking at the world stuck on my wall or my travel pictures. I do it everyday. Have you had these phases?

This addiction is proven to be good and healthy for body, mind and soul. Have you experienced any of these signs? You will know what we are talking about. and, if you are reading this article right now, chances are that you have already been bitten by travel bug. 

1. Just cant stop talking about it

You want to know everything about your friend’s recent travel. Where did you friend stay? Where did he eat? What was the budget like, etc. etc.

2. Everything about travel excites you.

You are not choosy. Be it a beach holiday, mountains, sailing holiday, deserts or may be a small town. It is just all about travelling. 

3. You read a lot.

Do you read a lot about the places that you are going to visit. This little mandatory sign makes you an informed travel addict.

4. You travel light.

Looking for the signs you are a travel addict?

Carefully observe your packing behaviour. Do you believe in travelling light. Welcome aboard.

5. You collect souvenirs

Does you refrigerator have magnets from different countries that you have travelled? 

6. You love travel books

You have lonely planet guides stacked on your book shelf and you read them again and again.

7. You get anxious

“Don’t travel for a month or two!” You get anxious. 

8. You know the World.

You know about countries, capitals. Continents and oceans.

9. You plan a lot

You might have planned maybe, all your trip to almost all the countries in the world in your head.

10. You are a hub of stories.

You got a thousands of travel stories to share with people in gatherings.

Tell us more signs in the comments below.

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