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Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica

Top 5 Hikes in the Caribbean for Epic Views

Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica
Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica

Jamaica is blessed with nature’s bounty – plentiful lush green forests, blue mountains, island, waterfalls, caves and caverns and much more. Hiking is probably the best way to explore such beauties in the heart of the Caribbean. Here are our top 5 best hiking trails in Jamaica that you can go for –

1. Blue Mountains Peak Trail

Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica

Terrain: Difficult; This is the highest peak in Jamaica.

Major Attraction: Jamaica’s famous blue mountain coffee at Clifton Mount Estate is our Best Hiking trails in Jamaica. 

2. Mayfield Falls

Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica

Terrain: This is one of the most beautiful natural hikes hidden in the Dolphin Head Mountains near Westmoreland.

Major Attraction: Two waterfalls, natural pools, and plenty of tropical plants, birds and butterflies make it one of the Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica

3. John Crow Mountains

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Terrain: This mountain is peaking at 3750 feet (1143 metres). Definitely to be on the Best Hiking Trails in Jamaica.

Major Attraction: Epic view of St. Thomas, Portland and the Rio Grande River.

4. Cockpit Country Trails

Terrain: It is a challenging hiking area

Major Attraction: An ideal destination for birdwatchers and plant lovers and a stunning view of Trelawny and St. Elizabeth.

5. One Love Trail

Terrain: Paved roadside with sea view

Major Attractions: Ocho Rios (town), Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cave 

6. Mount Zion Hill Walk

Terrain: Through pastures, farms and orchards

Major Attractions: Leisurely walk from Montego Bay, Authentic rural community on Mount Zion

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