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Funniest Airline Safety Videos from Around the World

Funniest Airline Safety Videos from Around the World

In-flight safety instruction demonstration is probably the last popular thing amongst the frequent fliers, and the first time fliers may have already seen it many a times and find it quite amusing. Airlines know it all and that is why they have been trying to up their game to gather more attraction.

In recent years, they have come up with the most creative and funniest videos demonstrating in-flight safety instructions. They are hilarious, quirky and slicker. Absolutely hilarious! And, that is why we have compiled a list of the best of the funniest airline safety videos from around the world of airlines.

You be the best judge now.

  • Air New Zealand Safety Video
    Air New Zealand has become a pro when it comes to making creative in-flight safety videos and they have done it again. This is the most recent safety video released by Air New Zealand and they have cracked it. It is the most epic one ever made and modestly named the video also, as “The most epic safety video ever made.” As a tribute to the film “The Hobbit” and the “MiddleEarth”, the video is more like a short film starring Elijah Wood, famously known as Frodo, Peter Jackson, Dean O’ Gorman and Air New Zealand flight attendants. Watch it because videos don’t lie. We are very sure that you would want to immediately travel to New Zealand with Air New Zealand.

  • British Airways Safety Video
    We won’t spoil the fun for you but the recent British Airways safety video – director’s cut is so British that it even got Mr. Bean in cameo performance. You will see other celeb familiar faces and there is no denying to the fact that they have taken a very modern approach to the standard in-flight safety instructions.

  • Qantas Safety Video
    This one is surely the gem of a video that not only give you the in-flight safety instructions but take you to a mesmerizing tour of Australia. The video has been shot so beautifully that you might want to book your tickets to Australia the moment you watch this video. It celebrates the “Spirit of Australia” – from its culture, landscapes, art to adventure sports, wildlife and almost every unique thing it has to offer.

  • Singapore Airlines
    You will catch slow glimpses of the amazing country – Singapore while you get all the in-flight safety instructions. This one is surely to take your heart away because it has been shot beautifully and uncovers the hidden gems in the country that you can explore on your visit to Singapore. You be the best judge.

  • Delta Airlines
    Last in the list is Delta Airlines in-flight safety video which has been shot in inside Delta Flight depicting funny situations and scenes that create the comic relief. The four and a half minutes long video is a journey in itself because you are going to see different passengers facing different issues. We are sure that you will relate to a few. It is fun.

For the beginners, these video might be of real help if you planning to fly real soon. Also, we book flight tickets. Not only that, we cater to any kind of flight related queries that you have – be it sitting on a plane or booking a flight and even a holiday package.


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