Book a dog-friendly vacation. Book with Best Pet Travel Agents, London.

For a Perfect Dog-Friendly Vacation

Pet Travel Agents London UK
Pet Travel Agents London UK

For a Perfect Dog-Friendly Vacation

We imagined if our dogs could speak then what would they have to say about a perfect dog-dog-friendly vacation. They are fun-loving, adventurous, loyal and all in all, a great company.

We don’t want you to leave your best friend aside. So, here we had compiled a list of do’s for a perfect dog-friendly vacation. Remember, we are not just your travel agents, we care about your holiday and work hard so that you have a lovely vacation time. Speak to our friendly pet travel agents in London, UK

So, are you planning to go out with your pet?

Here’s the guide to a happy dog-friendly vacation.

My travel sickness

Travel sickness is one thing that keeps me at bay from travelling. So, my human friends have a pill that they carry that helps me get through the motion. It worked! Plus, I don’t eat before I start my trip. I don’t want to be throwing up during the journey.

My packing Essentials

I am restless and I accept. So, my fellow humans pack all my important stuff. It is not at all tedious but a list beforehand saves them a whole lot of trouble. Like my treats, food bowl, water bowl and bed for I like to take my home wherever I go. I love playing and keeping myself engaged. Pack lots of balls. I love playing with balls. And, one of the most important things would be my poo bag.

Pet Travel Agents London UK
Pet Travel Agents London UK

My passport

I need my documents too. So, yes I have a passport and I need all the travel documents as much as my fellow humans do.

Visit a doctor

If you are travelling abroad, some places require immunisations and health certificate. So, I will have to visit the vet weeks before to get all my vaccinations and certificate

Pet-friendly Accommodation

Do a proper research before you decide to travel with me. Not a lot of places are pet-friendly and I understand that. Do a good research. Hire the best travel agents so that they can guide you through the plans and all the necessary information on your pet-friendly vacation.

Pet Travel Agents London UK
Pet Travel Agents London UK


I will need help if I get lost. We are going abroad and I hope my humans understand. Take me to a vet and they will help me get a microchip so that you can track me in case I get lost there. Take some photos of me too.

Dog Training

I am looking forward t rejuvenating and relaxing on my trip. So, yes I would love to explore outdoors and do some fun outdoor activities. So, proper dog training will help me and you as well.

For a perfect dog-friendly vacation

Plus, I might not travel in the cabin with you. They will put me in the cargo. Make sure you train me for that too.

At the Airport

Consult your best travel agents in London, UK as airlines policies vary. It is better to gather all the information in advance and then book flights.

At Flightspro, we encourage you have a pet-friendly vacation. Consult our travel experts if you are planning one yourself. Check out our article on pet-friendly airlines too. You will get good information there on the different airlines policies and estimated costs.

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