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Tips & Tricks – How to make sure that your baggage arrives first

Tips & Tricks – How to make sure that your baggage arrives first

It is very natural to get excited and impatient once you are off your flight and reached your new destination. Nobody likes to wait to the checked-in bag to arrive at the carousel. Every frequent flier would want if their baggage can arrive early and they are free to hit the road again.

How to get your baggage first

So, if you are a frequent flier and would like to never waste a minute of your vacation can try a few tips and tricks –

  • At the check-in counter, just ask the airline representative to put a FRAGILE sticker on your bag. Most of the times such bags are taken out in priority and involve less wear and tear. There are chances that you will get your bag earlier than expected.  This is only a trick. Sometimes, the sticker might not even come to their notice.
  • The next option might me to ask nicely if you can gate check your baggage. But this means that you won’t be able to carry any container carrying liquid.
  • Now, if this doesn’t work then, you better be booking a first or business class flight.

How to get your baggage first

  • Or, join an airline’s frequent flier club and flaunt that PRIORITY tag and be among the first ones to be claiming your baggage.
  • Lastly, you can try this one but there is no assurance. Hurry not to check-in. Be the last one to check-in and this could make your bag come early.

Please note that these are just some simple tips and tricks that you can apply to claiming your baggage first while leaving from the airport. Some situations they might not even work. advises you to rather book business class tickets or Premium Class tickets on your next vacation to get priority services at the time of airport check-in and check-out.

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