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Russian Travel Phrases to Know Before You Go

Russian Travel Phrases to Know Before You Go

Russian Travel Phrases to Know Before You Go

FIFA World Cup 2018 is round the corner in Russia and we are all thrilled. Hope you have booked cheap flight tickets to Russia for your family and friends. If not then, I still got some Russia flight deals at some incredible prices.

So, this is the blog we are writing for our fellow travelers who will be going to Russia for FIFA Would Cup 2018. English is the not the official language, and it is better to take note of phrases and questions that we consistently need to know in order to communicate with locals. These will sure make your daily life in Russia a little easier.

Plus it is always a plus point if you are learning another language. Doesn’t matter if it is broken or perfect, what matters is that they are sure going to make your life easier. These are some essential travel phrases in Russian that will help you in almost every travel situation. Here you go!

  • For the Airport – In Transit – There is no denying to the fact that most of the airports will have ‘second language’ signs throughout the facility and on visa, customs, and immigration documents. However, not every person will speak perfect English (if at all) for example your taxis, buses, trains, tuk-tuks, peddlers, and more. So these are the Russian Travel Phrases to Know Before You Go
  • Accommodation Phrases You Should Know in Russian

If you are staying in Russia then these accommodation phrases on-the-go can really help to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Here are the top accommodation phrases in Russian to know:

  • Shopping Questions to Know in Every Language

We are sure that you don’t want to haggle with the shopkeepers and make use of shopping-related language skills that we have mentioned.

  • For Health & Well – being

God forbid that you fall sick and need to go to the pharmacist. Know these phrases before you go.

  • Language Phrases that Help When Meeting New People

It is true that meeting new people and making friends is the best way to learn a local language. For the best results, carry a pocket-sized dual-language dictionary to help along the way.

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