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Top Hikes in Mauritius

Best Hiking trails of Mauritius 

Mauritius is one of our top selling holiday destination from the UK and we have got so much to tell you about what all you can do here. Interested in a bit of adventure or like slow forest walks? This one’s for you. Our top picks for top hikes in Mauritius are here.

Best Hikes in Mauritius, best travel agent in London
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As someone rightly said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”, and we believe it is true. The fact is Mauritius is the best place to go hiking. Ask us why? We know that Mauritius is a volcanic island and thus has several breathtaking summits and valleys to explore on foot. The island is well known for its natural beauty. All the more, Mauritius is famous for its beautiful birds, flora, coastlines and with many magnificent views. You know about its National Parks and wildlife sanctuary right?

We will list all our top Top Hikes in Mauritius. Explore Best Hiking trails of Mauritius

Black River Gorges National Park

Best Hikes in Mauritius

Type: National Park
Details: The park extends over an area of 6,754 hectares and covers about 2% of the island’s area. There are several short and long hiking trips available. With the help of a guide, explore the indigenous and untouched beauty of Mauritius. This is one of the Top Hikes in Mauritius

Le Pouce

Best Hikes in Mauritius

Type: Mountain
Details: This is the third highest mountain in Mauritius. Also, known as the Thumb Peak, once you climb it, you can have a 360 degree view and breathtaking views of Port Louis, as well as Moka and the high grounds of Plain Wilhems.

Maccabée Forest

Best Hikes in Mauritius

Type: Machabee Forest
Details: The kinking trail will take you through dense forest before descending to the lip of a spectacular waterfall cascading down towards Riviere Noire. 

Black River Peak Park

Best Hikes in Mauritius

Type: Mountain
Details: This is the highest mountain in Mauritius and one of the top hikes in Mauritius too. From here, you will catch a glimpse of the beautiful south, and of the west coast with the island of L’ile aux Benitier floating in the turquoise blue lagoon.

La Nicoliere reserve

Best Hikes in Mauritius
Source: Flickr

Type: Water Reserve
Details: This top hiking trail will take you through rivers and forests with breathtaking views on the Lake of La Nicoliere and the Northern islets. Wild monkeys and bats can be spotted.

Kestrel Valley

Top Hikes in Mauritius

Type: Private Valley
Details: This valley is know for its top hikes in Mauritius. Here you will discover Mauritian fauna and flora in a preserved natural environment along carefully laid out trails.

The Corps de Garde

Best Hikes in Mauritius
Source: ExploreMauritius

Type: Mountain
Details: For the overall view of Curepipe, Vacoas, Quatre Bornes, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin and les Pailles. Please note that This is a more adventures trek which will take at least 4 hours to complete.

The Trois Mamelles

Best Hikes in Mauritius
Source: Youtube

Type: Mountains
Details: This atypical solid mass on the West of the island with three distinct sections is peaking at approximately 500m.

The Tamarind Falls

Best Hikes in Mauritius

Type: Waterfall
Details: This is the highest in Mauritius with a “fall” of almost 300 meters! The trek starts with a walk down in this impressive canyon, discovering progressively each waterfall with its natural basin.

The Tourelle de Tamarin

Best Hikes in Mauritius

Type: Mountain
Details: The best view of the entire western area of Mauritius.

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