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Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018

Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018

Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018

Holidays have already started and we are all excited, aren’t we? And, this year anyway, there is this soaring cold weather across the UK. What could be better than escaping cold weather and already start looking for best school holiday destinations in March-April 2018 from the UK? These are winter sun guaranteed destinations.

So, while your kids can enjoy at their camps, you can go out on a short holiday for guaranteed sun and fun. Or, take them too.

So, as always,, has well researched and come up with a list of destinations that you could choose from for they are one of the best choices to go on school holiday from the UK. Depending on your budget and mood, pick one and leave the rest to our travel experts. Not only we will find you the best and the cheapest flight tickets but curate amazing school holiday deals for you and your family & friends.

Best School Holiday Destinations in Europe

  • Lanzarote
    Lanzarote is the best and has always been the first choice for people looking for winter Sun destination and some holiday celebrations. Also, you cannot escape the unobstructed island views, chic accommodations, volcanic vineyards, unspoilt beaches, fast rate cuisine, otherworldly landscapes and the unique art & architecture.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Lanzarote Weather: Most of the time it is sunny with an average temperature of around 22C. In short, wherever you go, you should be able to find warm weather and sunbathe. Escape the cold this Easter. Travel to Lanzarote because you can book cheap Lanzarote holiday packages with us.
  • Cyprus
    For people looking to go on a Cyprus school holiday during March and April, you are bound to find fresh scent of orange blossoms, outdoor barbeques, music and cultural amalgamation. Indulge in visiting museums and archaeological sites, scuba diving in Larnaca and taking a wine tour. We have some incredible Cyprus school holiday deals. Call our Cyprus travel experts and book Cyprus school holiday on phone.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Cyprus Weather:
    Easter time brings in spring sunshine with the average temperatures ranging between 21 and 23C. And, this makes it a wonderful time to be on this island. We guarantee you to be booked on cheap Cyprus school holiday
  • Crete
    For the joys of Greece, visit Cyprus. It is beautiful and spiritually refreshing any time of the year. There’s a harbour, a marina, a lake, several beaches and a main square, which you could explore. Spring vibe at this island is absolutely brilliant and mesmerizing. You got all the time to cover the beauties of the island during March- April.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Crete Weather
    April – May is the best time to be visiting this island for it has a glorious weather around that time with long, warm and sunny days and average temperature ranging between 15 and 20C. Call our Crete travel experts now.
  • Madeira
    For Madeira is Portugal and the blooming flowers, sweets, the sun and the various local experience make way for a perfect holiday. Apart from the regular– Levada walk, strolling through the Funchal City, swimming with the dolphins, blooming flowers for it is called the Garden City and quiet time at the Porto Santo Sandy Beach will surely make for a perfect vacation. So, book cheap school holidays through our expert agents on the phone.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Madeira Weather
    During this time, Madeira enjoys comfortable warm temperatures between 16 and 18C. You will get plenty of sun and very little rain.
  • Sicily
    People take Spring in Sicily very seriously and you are bound for some extravagant celebrations at different parts of the city. The whole island is taking part in the festivities and you can do it too. This largest Mediterranean island is perfect for a week-long vacation and we are sure that you might want to extend it too. We recommend Palermo, Taormina, Syracuse and Catania for being the witness to its dazzling diversity.  Book cheap Sicily school holiday packages on phone now.
    Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Sicily Weather
    March-April is the best time to visit Sicily. The climate is mild and the countryside is full of colored flowers. Enjoy plenty of sunshine here.

Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

  • Japan
    What could be better than celebrating holidays with family in Japan? Worldwide known for its cherry blossoms season; and inspiration for many artists, it is the most appealing season. Our Japan travel experts suggest you to book this trip in advance to find affordable rates on flights and accommodation.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Japan Weather: Spring (mid-march to may) is the best time to visit Japan because it is the iconic cherry blossom (sakura) time with an average of 13C in the afternoon.
  • Indonesia
    When it comes to spending holiday time somewhere in Asia, then definitely, Bali in Indonesia is one of the most preferred choices. Every year thousands of travelers from the UK make an impromptu visit to Bali during March and April. You could be spending leisure time with the family by indulging in special activities at a beachfront resort or relish a fancy feast somewhere in the quiet and calm environs of Bali. We have got cheap school holiday Bali deals too.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Bali Weather
    During Easter time, you can expect clean beaches, not too windy at the coast and sunny weather. Temperatures range between 26 and 28C
  • Thailand
    Of glittering temples and dazzling tropical beaches – Thailand, from Koh Samui, Pataya to Ao Nang and Patong, creates an ever-charming laid back vacation sport for every discerning traveler. FlightsPro has some super saver Thailand holiday deals in store for you. Call our Thailand experts now and book cheap Thailand school holidayBest School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Thailand Weather
    The weather in Thailand is quite distinct throughout the year. April, is the month where usually temperatures rise up to 30C. Do not forget to carry sun protection. You are in for a lot of sun.
  • Cambodia
    Cambodia is the city of ancient temples where people breathe spirituality and oneness. It is one of the most enchanting and friendly cities that you would ever come across.  From the Temples of Angkor, the southern Islands to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Province, every sight of interest carries a legacy and you can easily cover it in 2 weeks time. Make for a good 2 week holiday without breaking your banks. It is one of those off-beat destinations. We book thousands of flights every year for people traveling to Cambodia. For if you are planning, let us talk to our travel experts today and get everything done over the phone hassle free.Best School Holiday Destinations from the UK 2018
    Cambodia Weather
    You will enjoy a plenty of sun. The temperatures range between 30 and 40C and little chances of rain. It is worth a shot. You just got a glimpse yourself.

Hopefully, we have made things a little easier for you. Pick a destination and get the cheapest school holidays from the UK.

All you need to do is give our trusted agents a call on 0208 396 7200 and they will sort it all out for you.

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