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Etihad Airways New Baggage Policy

What does Etihad Airways new Baggage Policy mean?

Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

Etihad Airways, one of the most preferred airlines recently made some changes to their baggage policy and ensure that “the new policy provides greater convenience and customer benefit while enhancing the travel experience.”, as your trusted travel booking partner, welcome the changes and will lay it all down for you in simple points so that when you book your next Etihad Airways Reservation, you have a hassle-free travel.

According to Etihad Spokesperson, “The new system is simpler and will now be based on total weight, rather than the number of checked in bags.”

  • UK economy travellers to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, entitled to 46kg have reduced to 30kg — unless they book a “flex” ticket, in which case the limit is 35kg.
  • For the travellers booking discount tickets to key destinations in Africa including Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi, the baggage allowance of 46kg cases is halved to 23kg.
  • On a return flight from Heathrow or Manchester to any African destination, a second 23kg bag will cost $1,280 (£904), plus a further 25 per cent if paid at the airport.
  • For the travel beginning in Africa, the allowance remains 40kg allowed for all economy passengers.
  • For the Premium passengers, travelling in both – business and first-class, the baggage allowance had decreased. While the former can get 40kg, the latter can now take up to 50kg.
  • For the people travelling in the “The Residence” on the upper deck of Airbus A380 jets, will still be allowed 128kg.

In the other news, airline like US airline and Delta are also on their way to eliminate the free baggage allowance for “Basic Economy” passengers flying from the UK to the US from 10 April onwards.

For more detailed information on Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance, we would suggest you to talk to your flight professionals on toll free lines – 0800 048 8880 or 0208 396 7200

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