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Best Sailing Holiday Destinations Around the World

Best Sailing Holiday Destinations with kids

What better could be than taking the kids along – on one of a lifetime experience – one of the Best Sailing Holiday Destinations. The pleasure of a wind-powered journey is appealing and embarking.

Oliver Wendell Holmes rightly said, “I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it – but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.”

So, drop your bowlines and let us sail away. The best sailing holiday destinations from around the world are here. And, the best time to get cheap flight tickets.

As the best travel agent in London, we have charted out the ten best sailing holiday destinations around the world. Take a look –

Sailing Holiday in San Diego

Best Sailing Destinations Around the World

San Diego is one of the Best Sailing Holiday Destinations. The San Diego Bay boasts incredible views of the stunning San Diego skyline. One can choose to either sailing in the harbor or head out to the Pacific Ocean to watch the sun and appreciate the views. On this cruise, you might get a chance to see sea lions, seals, dolphins and whales too. Try Sail San Diego if you looking for the Best Sailing Holiday Destinations..

– Sailing Holiday in Croatia

Best Sailing Destinations Around the World

Best Sailing Destinations Around the World
Source_ Croatia Family Holidays

For the ones planning a week long sailing tour, Croatia is for you. The 7-day long tour takes you to explore tiny islands, secluded coves and swim in the sparkling blue of the Adriatic Sea daily. See the map above for the places that you will be visiting on one of the best sailing destinations.

– Sailing in Corfu

Best Sailing Destinations Around the World
Source_ Greece, Corfu. Young People Sailing at Ionian Sea

Corfu Greece is definitely the most enchanting experience because you are exploring the Mediterranean. From the Ionian Islands, to the ports and bays of the Sporades Islands, Greece offers a brilliant sailing holiday destinations.

– Sailing Holiday in France

Best Sailing Holiday Destinations
Sailing past Chania lighthouse; Source – Pinterest

– Sailing Holiday in Sicily

Best Sailing Destinations Around the World
Since Sicily is the biggest Mediterranean island, it is quite impossible to see all of it in one week

There is no denying to the fact that Sicily is the biggest island of the Mediterranean and makes the biggest Italian region along with the surrounding smaller islands. When planning a sailing trip on a charter yacht in Sicily, it is of crucial importance to decide which part of Sicily you want to sail from and which part of Sicily you would like to see

– Sailing Holiday in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Best Sailing Holiday Destinations
Source_ Wild Earth Travel

This is the breeding ground for Darwin’s theory of Evolution. And, if you are fond of wildlife along with sailing, then Galapagos Island in Spain is the go to sailing destination for you. It will be worth a trip with your kids.

– Sailing Holiday in Majorca

Best Sailing Destinations Around the World

If you are wondering where to sail in Majorca, then 555km of coastline should do the trick. From Cala Baquer, Formentor Beach in the North Coast to Palma de Mallorca, Sant Elm, Puerto Portals in the South Coast; Carbera National Park in the East to Port de Soller in the West Coast – everything is so beautifully laid out to explore.

– Sailing Holiday in Sychelles

Source_ IntersailClub


– Sailing Holidays in Thailand

Best Sailing Holiday Destinations
A Glory Day Sailing In Koh Phi Phi, Thailand Source_ AwayLands

We are in love with the beauty of South East Asia. Thailand, being one of the best sailing destination if you are looking to explore the idyllic white beaches, old fishing villages, marine life and lush rainforests, at your own pace. And, not to mention that there are score of cheap Thailand Holiday packages and cheap flights to Thailand from UK throughout the year.

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