Best value holiday destinations for the millennials in 2018.

Best value holiday destinations for the millennials in 2018

Best cheap flight deals

Travel trends in the UK in 2018 have taken a turn and now the millennials prefer budget airlines and a budget staycation. Be it a long-haul flight or a short haul, travellers are opting for cheap budget airlines and best value holiday destinations. So, we thought we will help you this year with the choice of Best value holiday destinations and airlines that you can choose from. Making your job of choosing between best value holiday destinations a little easier.

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018          

Whether you are a shopper, a culture enthusiast, historian, traveller or a foodie, we are sure that you will be able to choose one of the best value holiday destinations carefully and at an exceptional fair value. Have any confusion? Talk to one of our travel experts as we are the leading online travel agency in London.

So, let us begin

Long haul flights

1. Flights to Thailand

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £11.43

Where to stay in Thailand: We have so many options for Thailand and we are giving you the best of the best hotels in Thailand to stay at. If you visiting Bangkok then, stay at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, and Chakrabongse Villas, which is something to go for if you want to stay in a former Royal Residence. For people travelling on a budget, you can stay at Blue Jasmine Hotel, or may be The yard. Book cheap flight tickets to Chiang Mai and stay at best of the best hotels – Sireeampan Boutique Resort & Spa. For people going on a beach vacation, Pimalai Resort & Spa is one of the best hotels to stay in Koh Lanta and people that are looking for something more in a budget can book Dreamy Casa. The list is endless. Maybe you have a hotel in mind! Give us the name and our Thailand hotel booking experts will book it all for you.

What to do in Thailand: Thailand has score of attractions that will take most your time during the trip. The southern coast of the country has the popular islands that receive visitors from all around the world. For white sands and crystal clear turquoise water are something that you will never fail to escape. For people taking flights to Bangkok, Grand Palace, the floating markets and Wat Pho; Chiang Mai night market and the hill tribes near the Burmese border are something to look out for.

Cheap Flight Deals: You can book cheap direct flight to Thailand from the UK. Thai Airways, EVA and British Airways are the flights that fly direct to Thailand. And, Qatar Airways is the next best option if you are looking for cheap flights to Thailand.

2. Flights to Bali, Indonesia

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £15

Where to stay: If you are looking for options to stay in Bali then, check out our favourite place in Bali – Luxury Sawangan Villas – luxury private villas with breakfast chefs, pools and in the heart of Seminyak. If you happen to be in Nasa Dua, stay at Ritz Carlton – there is so much greenery that you will be surprised.

What to do in Indonesia: First, plan your trip. Take April, May, June and September and also, July and August, which are the busiest months in Bali. This is the time to be in Bali, Indonesia. From private and secluded beaches, village life to high end beach dining, and nightlife, Bali has it all. Call our travel experts today if you need a detailed 2-week Bali trip itinerary.

Cheap Flight Deals: has loads of cheap flight deals on Garuda Indonesia, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Royal Brunei Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM, British Airways, Emirates and China Eastern. Whether you are travelling business class, economy or first class, you will get best flight rates with us.

3. Flights to Uruguay

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £30

Where to stay: If you are looking for options to stay in Uruguay – a small nations between Argentina and Brazil then we suggest you to go with Casapueblo, Alma Historica Boutique Hotel or may be the Hyatt Centric. Call our flight experts today for the best Uruguay hotel rates.

What to do in Uruguay: This is South America’s smallest country and Flights to Uruguay is what you will be looking for. We have pristine white beaches, atmospheric and lively cities with a happening nightlife, Make sure you visit Colonia del Sacramento, Punta del Este and Montevideo.

Cheap Flight Deals: For cheapest prices in flight to Uruguay, call our flight booking experts today. Share your travel dates with us and know

4. Flights to South Africa

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £27.55

Where to stay: Booking a hotel in South Africa takes a major chunk of your budgets. What we suggest to our customers is book a holiday package to South Africa, which comes down to a lot cheaper. We have some incredible customisable South Africa trip itinerary. Talk to our travel experts today to know more about best hotel rates.

What to do in South Africa: An all-year destination, depending on whether you plan to visit Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kruger National Park, or Durban, we will create a customised trip itinerary for you.

Cheap Flight Deals: From London, there are a lot of cheap flight deals to South Africa. For instance, you can book Virgin Atlantic, South African Airways, British Airways, and Iberia. We always recommend our customers to book either Virgin Atlantic flight tickets or British Airways.

5. Flights to Jamaica

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £20.01

Where to stay: Get in touch with our hotel booking experts. We have cheap hotels to stay in Jamaica depending on your travel dats and location. We will fix them all for you at best rates.

What to do in Jamaica: If you are planning on a trip to Jamaica then, we suggest you to do Montego Bay-Kingston-Negril in one trip. You can have a leisurely 7 day trip to Jamaica. Read our blog for more details.

Cheap Flight Deals: British Airways flights are are most preferred airlines on this route and we have score of cheap economy flight tickets, and business class flight tickets. Let us know your travel dates. We suggest you to get your flight tickets to South Africa in advance to get the best flight rates.

Short-haul Flights

1. Flights to Mexico

Money spent per day: £20.01

Where to stay: Depending on the place and part of Mexico you are visiting, we have lot of the options. Call our hotel booking experts. Let us know your travel dates and we will do the rest.

What to do in Mexico: For if someone asks where are the best and the safest places to visit in Mexico, our top picks would be Mexico City, Merida, Todos Santos, Oxaca City, San Miguel de Allende, Huatolco, and Guanajuato – the gorgeous hill town. We have list of places to visit in Mexico. Give us a call for a detailed itinerary.

Cheap Flight Deals: There are direct flight to Mexico from London operated by British Airways and Aeromexico. Other connecting flight include American Airlines. For best flight deals to Mexico, call us today.

2. Flights to Poland

Money spent per day: £23.05

Where to stay: If you are staying in Karkow, book Campanile Hotel Krakow, Novotel, Vienna House Andel’s Cracow for the best budget stay option in Poland. People looking for options to stay in Gdansk, book budget hotel options like hotel Sadova, Novotel, Hotel Mercure at incredibly cheap rates.

What to do in Poland: Being the world’s most underrated travel destination, Poland is known for its rolling hills and awe-inspiring Tatra mountain range. Disocver hotspots like Kraków and Gdańsk.

3. Flights to Faro, Portugal

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £29.64

Where to stay: Book cheap holiday deals with us. We have so many options to stay in faro that you will be confused. Let’s jot down the best budget hotels to stay in Faro since we are talking about a budget millennial trip. Our first choice  is Casa d’ Alagoa. If you wish to stay a little outside Faro and happen to be a travelling couple then, Covento is a traditional accommodation that offers 9 rooms and no kids under 16 allowed.

What to do in Portugal: For an authentic Portuguese experience, visit Faro. It is an alternative holiday destination that boasts of a slow life and slow travel. Apart from the delightful historic centre, the city is also the gateway to the Ria Formosa nature park, a series of saltwater lagoons and mudflats. Do not miss to visit Praia de Faro – the best beach in Faro, Portugal.

Cheap Flight Deals: There are so many flights connecting Faro in Portugal to London and we have the best direct flight tickets too. Book direct flights to Faro from London with easyJet, Jet2, and Ryan Air. British Airways also operates non-stop flights to Faro.

4. Flights to Istanbul, Turkey

Best value holiday destinations for the millennia's in 2018

Money spent per day: £22.32

Where to stay: To be honest, if you are looking for the best value holiday destinations in Turkey, head to Istanbul. There are so many ways that you can save your moolah in Istanbul. Spend maximum time outside, take in the environs of Istanbul and stay at budget hotels in Istanbul like Hezen Cave Hotel, Anemos Hotel, Hotel Unique and many more. Call our travel experts for best Istanbul hotel rates.

What to do in Turkey: From bargain thermal baths, secret gardens, football clubs in action to groovy souvenir shops, cycling tours and museums, Istanbul riches have it all. This is the Best value holiday destinations. 

Cheap Flight Deals: We have cheap direct flights to Istanbul from London. Book incredible Pegasus flight deals, Turkish Airlines flights, British Airways flight tickets, which take you directly to Istanbul. Also, if you looking for more cheap flights to Turkey, book one stop flights with Lufthansa or Air Moldova. Book Best value holiday destinations with us.

5. Flights to Baden Baden, West Germany

Money spent per day: Budget

Where to stay: Book your stay at affordable prices with Leonardo Royal Hotel, Roomers Hotel – all fall under the luxury hotels while if you are looking for a more budget holiday, then stay at Deutscher Kaiser where breakfast is free, or try hotel Quellenhof Sophia. Give us a call to get best hotel rates

What to do in Baden Baden: Baden Baden is known for its open-air cafes, chic boutiques and pristine gardens that stand by the Oos River. Also, Baden Baden is known for its thermal baths and that makes it the go-to destination for a spa.

Cheap Flight Deals: This route is served by Ryan Air and we have cheap Ryan Air flight deals. So, pick up the phone and call us. We will book you on a cheap Ryan Air flight ticket.

Please remember that if you book any best value holiday destinations, the flight and the hotel are the most important aspect. And, eating out also take a significant amount of budget be it breakfast is included or not. You cannot skip to add the airport transfers. What we always advice our customers is to book with because we not only take care of you cheap flight bookings that include book business class tickets, premium economy flight tickets, first class flight tickets, seat assignment, baggage, and online-check-in but also, cheap hotel bookings, top five-star hotel bookings, airport transfers, customised travel itineraries, multiple destination bookings and much more. We have a long list of clientele for group flight bookings. Call us today to know more about these Best value holiday destinations.

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